Fastest UK VPN Server September 2014

There are plenty of good VPN providers and some poor ones too. We’ve done many reviews and in general most of the providers have been of good to excellent standard. Not all VPN providers are the same and what you get from one you might not get from another, however each are individual services and so although one may be lacking a certain feature it may have others that are better suited to your needs.

Regularly people search out “the best VPN provider” and it’s one area that I like to steer clear of writing about because in truth there is no best VPN provider as a one size fits all solution for all users. There are handful of great providers that can cover most needs but I couldn’t suggest one that would be the best for all users needs because there are so many variables in what people want, where they are located and a whole host of other requirements.

There are definitely providers that are best for a certain purpose and you can find various articles based around these by browsing through our site. As a spot test I thought I would see at this given point which VPN provider from a selection is giving the best download speed on their UK server. I hope to run this or similar tests regularly to keep you updated with any changes so be sure to look out for updated articles in the future.

For test fairness all providers were tested by downloading a 1GB test file from the Thinkbroadband website. I connected to a UK server, when available London, if unspecified then I connected to their available UK server. I then used a download manager to open concurrent connections to the file to achieve the best possible speed. All providers were tested within a 30 minute window at approximately 15:30 BST on Wednesday, 10th September 2014. All providers tested using the UDP protocol and via their own custom software using OpenVPN 256bit. All speeds recorded at 90%/91% of the file download.

Standard Connection 15.43Mb/s

LiquidVPN Small Logo

IVPN Small Logo
13.19Mb/s Small Logo

IPVanish Small Logo
10.25Mb/s Small Logo

EarthVPN Small Logo

VyprVPN Small Logo

Some varied results which may change from day to do but at this specific point LiquidVPN provider the fastest download speed on average of all the providers tested. We reviewed LiquidVPN at the start of the year and found them to have a great service so it was no surprise to find them coming out on top. IVPN and followed a close second and third respectively who we’ve also reviewed and found them to be in the upper echelons in terms of good VPN providers.

If you want to compare providers based on a range of factors then head over to our VPN Comparison Guide.

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