Fastest UK VPN Server May 2015

It’s that time of the month again folks where we look who has the Fastest UK VPN Server.

It’s now May and as the weather starts to pick up with summer just around the corner it is a time when many of us leave the computer behind and head outdoors. For those of you who rely on a VPN or want to access a UK VPN server for whatever reason having a decent speed is still a critical component of your provider’s service regardless of weather.

If you’re looking to invest in a VPN service and a UK server is one you will make use of for streaming content for example then our tests below give a good indication of providers who are going to give you the best possible speed for a UK VPN.

Today is a public holiday in the UK and so more people are likely to be using the internet than a normal working day so my connection speed was a little down. However I’m pleased to report that the majority of providers were all within a similar speed range and creeping near enough up to the peak speed I achieved without a VPN.

UK VPN Speed Results

Local connection speed achieved without VPN : 89.52mbps


IPVanish Small Logo
81.92 mbps

LiquidVPN Small Logo
77.92 mbps


76.69 mbps Small Logo
74.88 mbps

IVPN Small Logo

72.12 mbps

EarthVPN Small Logo

71.64 mbps

Overplay Small Logo
70.68 mbps

VyprVPN Small Logo

ExpressVPN Small Logo
19.61 mbps

All providers with the exception of ExpressVPN were tested using 256 bit encryption with ExpressVPN using their standard 128 bit encryption.

The testing was carried out from within the United Kingdom on Monday, 4th May 2015. All speed tests were completed between 14:3015:30.

Tests were made using custom software on a Windows system from each provider with the exception of Ironsocket and Overplay who were tested using OpenVPN with OpenVPN GUI directly.

Speed achieved may differ to what is achievable by you and can depend on many factors not least the distance between yourself and the UK. Routing between your own ISP and the VPN server can also cause massive differences so the above results should be seen as an indication only and not the speeds you may achieve yourself.

Your own tests could result in higher or lower readings.

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