Fastest UK VPN Server June 2015

Each month we take a look at the range of VPN providers we have access to and test their UK VPN servers to see what the maximum speed is that we can achieve. Over the past few months a pattern has emerged with certain providers regularly featuring in the top half of the table.

One bonus of the tests is you can chart which providers are offering a fast service at that current point in time allowing you to make a better informed purchasing decision. The speed of a VPN provider is one of the critical factors to consider when thinking of signing up to a service and with plenty of privacy related incidents in the news last month there is every reason for the everyday user to now be making use of a VPN service.

The UK has hundreds of uses for a VPN from accessing streaming content sites to grabbing cheaper deals and so it has become an extremely popular VPN locations for users around the world.

UK VPN June 2015 Speed Results

Local connection speed at the time of the test : 161.27 mbps

Rank Provider Speed Lowest Price Link
1PrivateInternetAccess Small Logo152.4 mbps$3.33
per month
2LiquidVPN Small Logo149.76 mbps$4.50
per month Small Logo146.52 mbps$4.83
per month
4IVPN Small Logo129.41 mbps$8.33
per month
5IPVanish Small Logo119.2 mbps$6.49
per month
6EarthVPN Small Logo116.14 mbps$3.33
per month
7Overplay Small Logo82.46 mbps$8.33
per month
8ExpressVPN Small Logo78.51 mbps$8.32
per month
9Ironsocket71.29 mbps$4.16
per month
10VyprVPN Small Logo55.63 mbps$6.67
per month

All tests were carried out on Tuesday, 2nd June 2015 between 10am and 11am. The tests were carried out from within the UK and as such the UK servers are the closest possible choice of VPN servers for me.

If you live outside the UK then the speeds you achieve are likely to be different due to a number of factors from routes to other influences. That said, the above can be taken as a good indication of which providers offer a fast UK VPN server.

With the exception of ExpressVPN and Overplay all VPN providers were tested using 256 bit encryption. ExpressVPN and Overplay used their standard 128 bit. Each provider was tested via their own custom Windows software with the exception of Overplay and Ironsocket who were tested using OpenVPN directly.

This month we feature Private Internet Access for the first time who have surprisingly stormed straight in at first position giving the other providers something to think about. With LiquidVPN,, IVPN, IPVanish and EarthVPN all offering excellent speeds this month there really is a good choice of providers to choose from should you be looking for a fast UK VPN server.

We’ve recently been updating our VPN reviews of the majority of providers so feel free to have a browse through our VPN Review section and find out what else some of the providers listed above offer in addition to good speeds.

UK VPN Server speed tests will be back next month in July to see if the providers this month can retain their positions or make improvements to compete for top spot.

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