Fastest UK VPN Server July 2015

The choice of VPN providers grows daily, although we cover the major players there are smaller providers popping up left, right and centre. While most of the main providers have been around for quite a number of years and the majority of them strive to provide a good service there is often a difference in the speed you can achieve.

Along with security, speed is one of the critical factors of VPN choice. It is of little benefit to protect your privacy if the VPN provider you use is too slow to actually make functional use of the internet. Over the past year we’ve been tracking the VPN speeds of VPN provider’s UK servers to gauge who provides the fastest service.

As summer picks up in most of the world and many of us head outdoors, for those who remain online we’ve been testing to see who has the fastest UK VPN server in July 2015.

Read on to find out who provided the fastest server this month and to give a good idea who will likely give you the most for your money in the speed stakes.

UK VPN July 2015 Speed Results

Local connection speed at the time of the test : 91.19 Mbps

Rank Provider Speed Lowest Price Link
1IVPN Small Logo87.56 mbps$8.33
per month
2PrivateInternetAccess Small Logo85.35 mbps$3.33
per month Small Logo84.26 mbps$4.83
per month
4LiquidVPN Small Logo83.88 mbps$4.50
per month
5Ironsocket75.80 mbps$4.16
per month
6IPVanish Small Logo71.99 mbps$6.49
per month
7EarthVPN Small Logo70.16 mbps$3.33
per month
8Overplay Small Logo53.03 mbps$8.33
per month
9VyprVPN Small Logo38.24 mbps$6.67
per month
10ExpressVPN Small Logo19.28 mbps$8.32
per month

All testing was carried out on Thursday, 9th July 2015 between 11 am and 12 pm. Testing was carried out from within the UK. All providers used 256bit encryption with the exception of ExpressVPN and Overplay who use 128bit. All providers bar Overplay and Ironsocket made use of their custom Windows software using the OpenVPN protocol.

This month my own broadband speed let me down a little, but that’s often nothing new and regardless of that the speeds achieved produced a mixed bag of results.

Last month we saw PrivateInternetAccess enter the table for the first time and storm into the leader position. While they faired incredibly well again this month they were just slightly pipped to pole position by IVPN who topped the table for July 2015.

Overall the results aren’t all that much different to last month with IVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, and LiquidVPN all jostling for top position and keeping the top 4 places locked down. IPVanish sit 5th again with a decent speed offering and, in general, the top 7 providers all came rather close to each other and saw good results.

ExpressVPN took a massive tumble this month which leads me to believe this could be a one-off issue, however, we’ll see come August.

All providers listed generally provide a good service and unless you have an extremely fast internet connection all of them will be suitable for your everyday internet use. If you have many devices connected to your internet connection or download regularly and require top speeds then any of the top 4 providers will be a good choice with the top 7 certainly providing good enough speeds for most tasks.

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