Fastest UK VPN Server August 2015

Summer is now in full swing and with mainland Europe and the US basking in glorious sunshine the UK has been left with a pretty dismal summer. While you may think that is rather standard for the UK you’ll be surprised that even for us it’s been more cloudy, rainy and windy than usual.

Putting the weather aside, there are tons of reasons why people both in the UK and outside want to connect to UK VPN Servers. From accessing restricted content like BBC iPlayer and Sky Go to protecting their privacy and hiding their location.

The UK is a strategic location for a VPN server and is beneficial to both those in Europe but also those that find themselves on the east coast of the US and Canada. Finding the fastest UK VPN server can be difficult and without signing up to each individual provider you never know what speeds you’re likely to achieve.

This month we’ve put the usual suspects through their paces so read on to find out which provider offered the fastest UK VPN Server in August 2015.

UK VPN August 2015 Speed Results

Local connection speed at the time of the test : 163.88 Mbps

Rank Provider Speed Lowest Price Link Small Logo149.01 mbps$4.83
per month
2IVPN Small Logo147.12 mbps$8.33
per month
3LiquidVPN Small Logo146.4 mbps$4.50
per month
4IPVanish Small Logo145.80 mbps$6.49
per month
5PrivateInternetAccess Small Logo145.04 mbps$3.33
per month
6EarthVPN Small Logo143.32 mbps$3.33
per month
7Overplay Small Logo78.22 mbps$8.33
per month
8Ironsocket72.85 mbps$4.16
per month
9ExpressVPN Small Logo68.8 mbps$8.32
per month
10VyprVPN Small Logo42.22 mbps$6.67
per month

All tests were carried out between 11:00-12:00 on Wednesday, 5th August 2015. All tests were carried out from within the UK and all providers using OpenVPN 256 bit with the exception of Overplay and ExpressVPN who use 128 bit encryption.

Each provider was tested using their own custom Windows software with Overplay and Ironsocket using OpenVPN directly due to no custom Windows software being available.

A fantastic month of results for most providers. This month my internet connection was functioning fully and so near maximum speeds were up for grabs for the 10 providers tested.

The top 6 providers all came in extremely closely with very little between them. managed to pip top spot with IVPN, LiquidVPN, IPVanish, PrivateInternetAccess and EarthVPN all nipping at their heels.

A rather good set of results for those 6 providers.

The lower half of the table consists of many of the same providers as last month and although they were somewhat slower than the other providers they still provided decent speeds that would be more than fast enough for the majority of internet connections worldwide. However if you’re looking to maximise your speed then any of the top 6 providers would be your best bet for August.

As always these tests were carried out from within the UK so the speed you will be able to achieve yourself will be based on a number of factors and often depending on your physical distance from the UK.

Anything from the route your connection to the server takes to what ISP you use can affect the results and so the above speeds should only be taken as an indication and you may find you can achieve better or worse speeds.

I’ll be back in September to see how providers measure up as Summer draws to a close.

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