ExpressVPN vs PureVPN

ExpressVPN and PureVPN websites

ExpressVPN and Pure VPN are two of the most popular VPN services available.

But which should you choose?

With conflicting reviews across the internet, it's a minefield to know which to select. So we've decided to put the most sought after features head-to-head.

This will allow you to make a decision based on what's important to you and not on someone else's opinion.

By the time you are done reading this ExpressVPN vs PureVPN comparison, things will be more apparent, and you will be ready to pick the service that will serve you best.

If you can't wait, skip straight to the results now.

1. Logging


The first thing that we need to compare when it comes to ExpressVPN and PureVPN is their logging policy.

We are glad to say that both of these two services claim to have a strict no-logging policy, keeping you safe from data retention laws.

A few years back ExpressVPN, based in the British Virgin Islands, had their service audited by a third-party which covered their no-logging claim and confirmed it sound.

They were also caught up in a high-profile assassination case in Turkey but were unable to assist due to a lack of logs.

ExpressVPN log text

However, while ExpressVPN – based in the British Virgin Islands – always had such a policy, this is not the situation with PureVPN.


PureVPN is a good VPN that had previous controversies surrounding connection logs, which still makes people sceptical of this service to this day.

For those who might not know, in October 2017, the FBI managed to identify a person accused of online harassment, who was reportedly using PureVPN.

The FBI matched the IP address of the service's server, which was used in the crime, with the real address of the user who was using the server.

While online harassment is a crime and we do not support it, the fact that the authorities managed to reveal the identity of a VPN user is very concerning from a privacy standpoint. Who's to say that such details of VPN users wouldn't be revealed and used for their commercial value?

PureVPN no logs text

It was also rumored that PureVPN assisted without a legal subpoena which makes it even more concerning.

Since the incident, PureVPN has, to their credit also had their service audited. However, the black mark on their past is a huge negative.

Winner: ExpressVPN

We have no choice but to declare ExpressVPN the winner here. As it never had such situations or controversies.

2. Streaming


As the name suggests, ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN services out there, and the speed tests confirm it.

As such, it is perfect for streaming content from anywhere in the world with unlimited bandwidth.

Not only that, but it also has one of the largest server networks out there, with over 3,000 servers which are located in 94 countries, granting you a dedicated IP address whenever you connect to one of them.

Services like Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and a whole host of others work well.

Speed and server count are essential, as you need good speeds to avoid buffering even while connected to distant servers.

Meanwhile, you need as many servers in as many countries to avoid having to use overcrowded ones, and to be able to access the content of as many different regions as possible.


When it comes to PureVPN, professional examination shows that it is not the fastest, but the speed test has shown that it is not that bad, either.

It has fast speeds, or at least fast enough, although even fast speeds of the best VPNs will drop if you connect to a remote server that is far away from your location.

Pure VPN offers physical servers, as well as virtual servers, that are more than fast enough for proper streaming, although they are becoming noticeably slower as you move further away from your physical location.

Even though, they are able to achieve average speeds good enough for stable connections.

This is not surprising, as the physical distance between you and the server matters a lot when it comes to speed – the farther away the server is, the more time is needed for information flow to reach it and return to you.

As for the server network, PureVPN offers around 6,500 servers in 180 server locations.

In total, it covers about 140 countries, which is more than what ExpressVPN offers. If you choose this one, you can simply find a suitable server location, connect to it, and you will be ready for streaming Netflix or any other use protected by its VPN protocols.

PureVPN also works hard to ensure that most of the popular streaming services are covered.

Winner: ExpressVPN

After conducting speed tests for several years, we've noted ExpressVPN to be the most consistent when it comes to accessing streaming services and maintaining internet speed.

PureVPN tends to go through periods where certain services are blocked which can be annoying. However, its speed test has been relatively decent.

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, appears to suffer these rarely meaning you can keep streaming your favourite services with fewer issues. It even has smart location features, allowing you to connect to the best server available automatically.

30-day money back guarantee

3. Concurrent Connections


When it comes to concurrent connections, ExpressVPN offers you the ability to connect five devices at the same time.

It used to offer only three, but it has since expanded this capability a bit. While it's not the highest number, it's more than enough for most users.

Not only that, but it is easily a service that allows you to secure the most different devices. It has dedicated apps for pretty much everything you could think of.

That includes operating systems like Windows, Mac, an iOS app, Android, Linux, routers, Smart TVs, consoles, extensions for browsers, and more.

At this point, we would be quite surprised to find a device that you cannot use ExpressVPN on.


When it comes to PureVPN, this one offers ten simultaneous connections, and it also has a decent range of apps for different devices and systems.

It supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, as well as SmartTVs and gaming consoles.

Similarly to ExpressVPN, it stands out thanks to a vast number of supported platforms, which also includes extensions for Chrome and Firefox. In this aspect, the two are pretty much equal.

Winner: PureVPN

PureVPN appears to have increased its limit from 5 to 10.

If this is a permanent change is a little unclear, but as it stands, they allow double the number of simultaneously connected devices compared to ExpressVPN.

Without a doubt, this makes them the standout winner in this category.

4. Apps


When it comes to using the ExpressVPN apps, it is straightforward to do so.

Anyone can find their way around the apps, which is very simple and user-friendly. It has a single button that you can click to connect or disconnect to or from a server.

Under the button, there is the list of servers, as well as recent locations to which you can choose to connect quickly, without having to access the list.

The settings are also very straightforward and easy to navigate, and pretty much everything is set the way you would want to use it by default.

If you have some specific preferences, you can, of course, make the changes manually. Also, note that each app comes with an automatic kill switch, among other security features.

It supports routers, Windows, Android and iOS apps for mobile devices, Mac, Linux, and even browser extensions for those ExpressVPN users who wish to protect only their browsing data. And, if you wish to protect specific apps, you can also use its split tunneling feature.

ExpressVPN apps

However, if you are a new user, simply leave everything as it is, and the app will protect you just fine.


When it comes to PureVPN, the installation process is pretty much just as simple, and even someone who has never dealt with a VPN before can quickly figure everything out.

When it comes to the apps themselves, PureVPN supports a number of them and there is a clear focus on providing a great user experience, and the apps, each protected with superior security features such as the kill switch, show a lot of promise in that regard.

However, there are issues, as we have found that the execution is a bit inconsistent across platforms.

Winner: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has a lot of apps and they've ensured that all are uniform across each device. This makes it seamless to move from one device to another.

Without question, ExpressVPN leads the race here.

30-day money back guarantee

5. Privacy features

Next up in our ExpressVPN vs PureVPN comparison, let's talk about privacy features.

These are important as their quality and type determine how successful you will be at getting a truly private internet access.


Express VPN is easily one of the best VPN providers for protecting your internet connection, even by our strict reviewing standards.

This VPN service features the best security protocols which create a secure VPN tunnel for your VPN connection, including OpenVPN, as well as top-notch encryption, 256-bit AES.

It also features split tunneling, and a kill switch, which instantly cuts your internet connection if the VPN app ever malfunctions, preventing exposure.

Of course, even with the best protocols and encryptions, mistakes and malfunctions can still happen, and your data may leak. This is why this VPN provider also offers DNS leak protection, which is yet another layer of security.

It doesn't keep your traffic logs, so no one can strongarm the VPN provider into giving them away, nor can it misuse your data by selling it.


Both ExpressVPN and PureVPN use the same military-grade encryption, AES 256-bit, so in this regard, you are as safe with both VPN providers.

PureVPN offers advanced security protocols, an internet kill switch, and it has a strict no-logs policy, ensuring that your data stays with you alone.

Both providers also offer split tunneling, and PureVPN also features a port-forwarding addon, which allows you to access your device or service anywhere in the world with full security features working to protect you.

Other than that, it is worth noting that PureVPN offers up to 10 simultaneous connections, so you can protect as many devices simultaneously. ExpressVPN, however, only offers 5 simultaneous connections.

Winner: It's a tie

While this is an ExpressVPN vs PureVPN comparison, we feel like ExpressVPN and PureVPN have done a pretty good job when it comes to security.

You might argue that, unlike ExpressVPN, PureVPN allows for more simultaneous connections, but ExpressVPN still features more special servers and server locations, and it is likely the best choice if you want to anonymously unblock Netflix or other streaming platforms, so in the end, they are relatively equal here.

6. Customer Service

Nearing the end of our ExpressVPN vs PureVPN comparison, let's take a look at the two providers' customer service. Customer service is very important for an average user, as it is the first place they will turn to for help.


Starting with ExpressVPN, the service has an easy way of contacting support through several means. Not only does it have a vast knowledge center on its website, but it also allows users to contact its representatives through live chat support and email.

Customer service is quick to respond via live chat support, although they also respond to emails fairly quickly.

ExpressVPN Customer Support

Meanwhile, the service is also very reliable, friendly, and helpful. They may direct users to a specific tutorial or guide if their questions and issues are covered in the knowledge center already, but they do not hesitate to help directly when it comes to more advanced problems.


PureVPN also has a live chat support on its website, although it works slightly differently than ExpressVPN's. For example, it requires users to enter their name and email in order to start the chat in the first place.

PureVPN customer support

Other than that, the service also allows users to send an email, and it has a support center that is quite neatly organized, allowing users to choose between multiple categories, such as Setup Guides, FAQs, Troubleshoot, VPN Use Cases, Account and Billing, Business, Learning Center, and Status & Announcements.

Finally, users can also submit tickets, but other than that, PureVPN also invites them to submit ideas and suggestions in order to improve its service.

Winner: ExpressVPN

Unlike PureVPN, ExpressVPN doesn't require users to submit their name and email when chatting, which helps contribute further to the users' anonymity and comfort, which is why we appreciate its service more.

With that said, PureVPN does support the same methods to contact its support, and it also offers users to submit their ideas, which is a nice addition.

7. Price

Finally, as the last segment of this ExpressVPN vs PureVPN comparison let's discuss the price. Let's start by saying that ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee with PureVPN offering a 31-day one.


When it comes to the prices themselves, we begin to see some differences.

ExpressVPN, commonly considered to be the best VPN, has three plans, a 1-month plan, a 6-months plan, and a 12-months plan.

ExpressVPN pricing

The 1-month plan is the most expensive, as it comes at the price of $12.95 per month. This is expensive compared to almost all providers out there – I don't recommend it.

As for the other two, you still have to pay them at once for the full period, but they come at a discount that makes their average monthly prices significantly cheaper.

For example, the 6-months plan comes with a 23% discount, which totals in $59.95 per six months, or $9.99 per month.

The 12-month plan offers an even more significant discount of 35%, and its price is $99.95 per year or $8.32 per month, which is an excellent value for total online privacy and internet freedom.

However, we have secured a cheeky deal exclusively for you giving you three months free on top bringing the monthly price down to just $6.67.


PureVPN also has three plans, but its packages are significantly cheaper, but also slightly different when it comes to length.

It features a 1-month plan, a 1-year plan, and a 2-year plan.

PureVPN prices

The 1-month plan will cost you $10.95 per month, which is already $2 cheaper than ExpressVPN.

Select the 1-year plan and you will only have to pay $3.74 monthly.

Finally, the 2-year plan will let you save as much as 70%, with a total average monthly price of only $2.91.

Winner: PureVPN

Without question, PureVPN costs less. It's the clear winner here.

Overall Winner: ExpressVPN

It's true that both PureVPN and ExpressVPN offer popular services, with a money-back guarantee, dedicated IP, great upload speed and download speed, fast servers, and more, and while they're quite close in terms of results, the standout is ExpressVPN.

Aside from a small difference in price and a concurrent connection limit, there are few other reasons why I would choose Pure VPN over Express VPN.

The more critical areas which include the likes of logging, streaming and ease of use were certainly in favour of ExpressVPN.

It also offers the fastest server speeds, more server switching possibilities, the ability to access Netflix with near-certainty, safe file sharing, and more.

PureVPN costs less, which might influence some users' decision, but the product's ranking shows Express VPN above Pure VPN, in my opinion.


In the end, which of these two VPNs should you use? ExpressVPN and PureVPN are both highly-rated.

Well, the decision is up to you, of course.

However, throughout this comparison, we have seen a few winning in different areas with ExpressVPN leading where it counts.

It turned out to be superior in terms of logging and privacy, as well as when it comes to the number of servers.

It has fewer locations, but it has more reliable servers and better speeds, and having quality servers is essential if you wish to use it for streaming or downloading.

Don't forget, you've got 30-days to try ExpressVPN and if you don't agree with my assessment you can get a refund and try out PureVPN too!


Check out the winner. Get our Recommended VPN service!

  • Great for privacy
  • Excellent for streaming
  • Beginner friendly

Author: Ali Raza

Ali is a journalist with a keen interest in VPN usage. He is an expert in the field and has been covering VPN related topics for VPNCompare and numerous well-respected publications for many years.


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