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ExpressVPN website Jan 17

ExpressVPN has just released the latest version of their Android app, and with it has come some major news. The ExpressVPN Android app is now compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android TV for the very first time.

This is great news for all Firestick and Android TV users, but especially those who are running Kodi. They now have the option to use another high-performance VPN provider to protect their security and privacy while streaming content.

Until now, the only way to install ExpressVPN on your Amazon devices was manually. This was a complicated process and once completed, the service was still not 100% effective. As a result, Firestick and Kodi users tended to opt for IPVanish, which was the only major VPN provider to offer a dedicated app which was available in the Amazon App Store.

While IPVanish did a great job, Firestick users will no doubt welcome some competition in the market, while ExpressVPN users will breathe a sigh of relief that they can now dispense with their manual setup and just download an app instead.

Why Firestick users need a VPN

For those not already familiar, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, more commonly known as a Firestick, is a portable HDMI device that users can download streaming software onto. It is a popular way to use services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, it has also proved a big hit with Kodi users too.

Kodi is a media player, which users can personalise by downloading addons which allow them to stream just about anything. Many of these addons are unofficial and can allow users to stream copyrighted content.

Because of the potential legal ramifications of this, it is highly recommended that Kodi users are always connected to a VPN before streaming content on addons such as these.

Up until now, IPVanish has been the only VPN with a dedicated app for Firestick users that could offer the combination of fast connection speeds and strong security and privacy settings that Kodi users needed. But now ExpressVPN is available too.

It is not just Kodi users who will be excited by this news. VPNs can be used to unlock content from other countries that would otherwise be unavailable because of geo-restriction technology. For example, with this new launch, you will now be able to use US Netflix on your Firestick no matter where in the world you are.

And some ISPs can also throttle connection speeds if you are streaming content. This is a problem that can particularly affect Kodi users. But when using a VPN, your ISP cannot see what you are doing online and as a result, they will not attempt to throttle your connection no matter what you are doing.

How to download and use the ExpressVPN Firestick app

The new ExpressVPN app will only be compatible with the 2nd Generation Amazon Firestick. The 1st Generation Firestick cannot support any VPN connection. You will also be able to download it onto an Amazon Fire TV and any other Android TV application.

To do so, all you need to do is follow this simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN website and sign up for their service by following the simple onscreen instructions.
  2. On your Firestick, click on the search option, which looks like a magnifying glass. Enter ExpressVPN and then select the option Express Vpn which appears below the keyboard.
  3. Then click Install to download and install the ExpressVPN app onto your device.
  4. Open the app and then click Sign In.
  5. Enter the email address you used to sign up for ExpressVPN and your ExpressVPN password where instructed.
  6. Click Sign In again and the app will automatically activate.
  7. The first time you use the app you will need to configure it. First, click OK to agree to do this and then click OK again to accept ExpressVPN connection requests.
  8. You will then be asked to agree to share information anonymously with ExpressVPN to help them evaluate their service. They insist that no identifiable data is ever collection, but we would advise all users to click Don’t Allow here to be on the safe side. The choice, of course, is yours.
  9. The ExpressVPN app should now open and you can either use their single-click connection option to get going straight away or choose the server you want to use first and then connect.

About ExpressVPN

If you are not familiar with ExpressVPN, they are one of the most well known and best-regarded VPNs on the market today. They are a longstanding member of our Top 3 VPN Providers list tanks to their great all-round service.

ExpressVPN offers a fantastic combination of fast connection speeds and strong encryption. They are based offshore, which means they can offer privacy protections that you can rely on too.

The ExpressVPN server network is one of the latest around too, with servers in more than 90 countries and 148 different cities around the world. This means ExressVPN users can unlock content from just about anywhere.

With 3 simultaneous connections and apps for Windows, Mac, Android iOS, Linux and router support too, they are one of the most universally available VPN providers on the market. They are not the cheapest, but they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and for the service available, they still offer great value for money.

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