Does ExpressVPN? 14 of the most common questions answered

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ExpressVPN is a household name in the VPN industry and they’re also considered to be one of the best.

In fact, they’ve received our highest honour, our ‘Editor’s Choice’ award three years running in 2018, 19 and 20 showing the quality of the service.

We’ve commended them on their speeds, quality of service, ability to unblock content and a whole range of other features.

Although ExpressVPN is one of the best at protecting your privacy there are many other uses but finding out if it’s suitable for a specific need can be difficult. With incorrect information, outdated resources and fragmented information it’s hard to find the answers to your questions.

That’s the very reason we’ve put this guide together. Below we’re answering the 14 most common questions we get asked about ExpressVPN regularly and the ones you’re most searching for the answers to on Google.

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1) Does ExpressVPN work in China?

If you live in China, you’re travelling there, or you’re planning on spending any time there then you’ll know a VPN is an absolute essential to access the internet restriction free.

Thankfully, ExpressVPN does work in China.

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In fact, not only do they work there but they’re the best choice right now.

We’ve tested the service on the ground and compared their speeds to other services. Not only were they the most reliable in terms of being able to connect but they also offered the fastest speeds in comparison to the competition.

In our ‘Best VPN for China‘ guide we ranked them #1 because of their reliability and speed.

2) Does ExpressVPN work?

It may seem like an odd question, but it’s one many of you are asking. Does ExpressVPN even work?

The answer is Yes. They work perfectly well. We awarded ExpressVPN our ‘Editor’s Choice’ badge for their continual good service and as an overall view of their service, they’re slightly better than the closest competition.

So whether you want to protect your privacy, secure your public Wi-Fi usage, unblock Netflix or other content or a whole other host of reasons – Yes, ExpressVPN simply works.

3) Does ExpressVPN keep logs?

A lot has been made about the honesty of VPN services recently. Almost all VPN services store no-logs, or so they claim!

While all VPN services claim to store ‘no logs’ the reality has been proven time and time again to be further from the truth. ExpressVPN, however, has a no logging policy that you can trust.

In 2017, ExpressVPN found itself caught up in one of the highest profile news cases of the year. A Russian diplomat was assassinated in Turkey. It transpired that someone involved in the incident had used ExpressVPN’s services at some point and so logs of the user were requested.

As ExpressVPN doesn’t store logs, they were unable to assist.

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Additionally, ExpressVPN has had their service audited to back up their claims.

Couple the external audit with the Russian case and you can almost certainly guarantee that ExpressVPN retains no logs.

4) Does ExpressVPN work in the UK?

If you’re in the UK that you might be a little unsure which VPN services work well here.

After all, almost all charge for their services in US Dollars and seem tailored towards a North American market. We can confirm that ExpressVPN works brilliantly in the UK.

In fact, it’s where we’re based and use ExpressVPN on a daily basis from. It’s also where we run our speed tests from and review their service thoroughly every year.

If you’re a UK user then you can be safe in the knowledge that ExpressVPN works fine in the UK.

5) Does ExpressVPN work in Dubai?

ExpressVPN not only works in China and the UK but it also works perfectly in Dubai and across the whole United Arab Emirates.

If you want to access VOIP, adult content, dating apps such as Grindr or Tinder or any other blocked websites or services then ExpressVPN will not only unblock them but they will also ensure what you do remains private.

Accessing certain content in Dubai can be frowned upon but by using ExpressVPN’s service, you won’t have to fear that your personal preferences, life choices or nature are restricted.

6) Does ExpressVPN work with Firestick?

The Amazon Firestick, Fire TV and Fire TV Cube are all compatible with the ExpressVPN service.

ExpressVPN is one of few VPN services that have a dedicated Amazon app built specifically for Amazon Firesticks and the entire Fire TV range.

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Once you’ve signed up to ExpressVPN, you can download their app directly from the app store on your Firestick or install it via the Amazon website. You’ll now be able to stream content securely and unblock overseas services like Netflix, iPlayer, NBC Sports, SonyLiv and many others.

7) Does ExpressVPN support OpenVPN?

Yes, ExpressVPN mainly functions via the OpenVPN protocol.

While many of the applications allow the use of other protocols such as L2TP and PPTP, even ExpressVPN themselves flag these as ‘Weak Security’ and would only recommend them for unblocking content or use that doesn’t require strong encryption.

When using the majority of their apps, OpenVPN is the default VPN protocol with the ability to switch between UDP and TCP protocols.

You can even download OpenVPN configuration files if you wish to make connection manually using OpenVPN directly or other clients.

8) Does ExpressVPN block ads?

ExpressVPN is a VPN first and foremost and while their range of apps has many built-in features, it does not include the ability to block ads.

So, for all intents and purposes, No, ExpressVPN does not block ads.

9) Does ExpressVPN work with Amazon Prime?

Accessing Amazon Prime is a hit and miss affair with most VPN services.

ExpressVPN enjoys relative success for unblocking Amazon Prime from the United States although this is dependent on the type of device you’re using.

While it’s relatively easy to use ExpressVPN with Amazon Prime from the US on a desktop computer, your mileage may vary when using other devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick for example.

If you’re after watching US Amazon Prime then our recommendation is to use ExpressVPN on a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop device as you’re likely to struggle with other devices and systems.

10) Does ExpressVPN work with Netflix?

ExpressVPN works well with the American Netflix service and it’s possible to watch on all types of devices from desktop computers to tablets, phones and even the Amazon Fire TV range of devices.

It’s also possible to access some other select regions of Netflix such as the Canadian, UK and Australian Netflix services amongst others.

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However, while American Netflix works flawlessly, you may have a more hit and miss affair accessing other regions and it’s often the case you’ll need to try a few different servers to find one that works.

11) Does ExpressVPN work with BBC iPlayer?

Although many VPN services are blocked for accessing BBC iPlayer, ExpressVPN isn’t one that has suffered the same fate.

ExpressVPN works well with BBC iPlayer across their full UK server range.

Not only does ExpressVPN work with BBC iPlayer but it also works with plenty of other services like Hulu, BT Sport, Sky Go, NBC, HBO, ESPN+, DAZN and many more.

12) Does ExpressVPN allow Torrenting and P2P?

ExpressVPN is a completely traffic neutral VPN service meaning they don’t discriminate against any type of data transferred.

This means that Torrenting and P2P use are acceptable on ExpressVPN’s service.

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As ExpressVPN doesn’t store any logs of what you do while connected to their service it means you’re able to download any files without hindrance.

13) Does ExpressVPN accept Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN doesn’t accept Gift Cards as a payment option.

They do however accept all Credit and Debit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, AliPay, UnionPay, iDeal, Klarna, WebMoney, GiroPay, Interac, Mint, OneCard and a range of other payment options.

If you’re looking for a VPN that does accept Gift Cards then PrivateInternetAccess is one of the few that does.

14) Does ExpressVPN have a Kill Switch?

ExpressVPN’s desktop apps for both Windows and Mac OS systems have a built-in Kill Switch that can be enabled or disabled. Should your VPN connection drop unexpectedly, the connection will automatically cut to save any data passing outside the VPN connection.

The mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS do not have a Kill Switch.

The Android app along with the desktop apps features a ‘Split Tunnelling’ option that allows you to select only certain apps to use the VPN connection while all others will flow via your regular internet connection.

In Summary

Above we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions about ExpressVPN.

What it shows is ExpressVPN is suitable for a whole host of different purposes, not merely just for protecting your privacy.

There are a couple of things which ExpressVPN can’t do but there’s a reason they received our ‘Editor’s Choice’ award because overall they’re one of the most well-rounded VPN services we’ve tested in recent years.

If you’re interested to discover more about their service check out our ExpressVPN review.

You can also test them risk-free as they have a 30-day money back guarantee. Use the link below to get an exclusive 3-months free on their 12-month package.

30-day money back guarantee

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