25 reasons ExpressVPN is killing the competition

ExpressVPN 25 reasons

ExpressVPN is killing the VPN industry because let’s be honest – what aren’t they doing correct right now? 

In this article, I’ll be looking at 25 five surprising reasons that this popular provider has muscled its way to the front of the pack giving little chance to the competition.

When choosing a VPN service that will protect you and help you unlock the full potential of the internet, it is crucial to select the best option available.

For a long time now, we believe that ExpressVPN is that option.

Its security practices, as well as other features, are without question superior to those offered by the competition.

But, don’t take our word for it, and instead – see for yourself.

Here are 25 reasons why ExpressVPN is outperforming the competition. Make sure to also check out our review for a full in-depth guide

1) Excellent security protocols

ExpressVPN uses the most robust VPN protocols out there – OpenVPN.

Not only does it offer it, but it comes as a standard, set by default, and it protects your traffic from view from the moment you launch the app.

It also offers further protocols such as L2TP/IPsec, IKEV2 and PPTP.

2) Strong encryption

ExpressVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption to make your traffic unreadable to anyone.

This is the strongest encryption there is, and it has never been broken. It is safe to say that ExpressVPN will keep your privacy safe, even during unlikely incidents.

3) Mountains of servers

ExpressVPN has a substantial server network, which is one of the largest out there.

You can find their servers in 160 different locations in 94 countries. There are more than 3,000 individual servers, and with them, you can unlock pretty much anything on the internet.

Server icon

They also have a neat ‘Trusted Server’ feature (What is Trusted Server?) which means they’re all run from RAM for extra security.

4) Optimised for speed

ExpressVPN does not carry that name by chance – it is truly one of the fastest VPNs in the industry.

Its servers are specially optimised to deliver the fastest possible speeds.

Pretty much all VPN services claim this, but these claims are backed up by our own and other independent tests. In our latest review of their service, we found them to be one of the fastest.

And it’s not just us, other privacy sites such as ProPrivacy, TheBestVPN and RestorePrivacy have all commended their service for fast speeds.

5) Apps for all devices

ExpressVPN can protect pretty much all of your devices and systems. It has dedicated apps for nearly everything you might be using.

This includes Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, Routers and a whole lot more.

Collection of different devices using Netflix

If there is a device that it does not cover, a bit of tweaking and you can usually set it up yourself easily.

30-day money back guarantee

6) Perfect for streaming

As mentioned, ExpressVPN is among the fastest VPNs out there.

This makes it one of the best choices for streaming, as it will provide you with a steady connection and lightning fast download speeds that eliminate issues such as buffering, allowing you to watch in higher quality.

Their VPN works with all the most popular services including US & UK Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Sky Go, Eurosport Player, NBC Sports, Kayo Sports and more.

7) Money back guarantee

Should you decide to try an ExpressVPN subscription, and then decide that you do not want it for whatever reason – your money will not be lost forever.

You can get it back thanks to the service’s 30-day money-back guarantee. It is available on every plan.

8) Fully audited

Of course, a service can claim whatever it wants on its website, but how can you know it is true?

Well, ExpressVPN was recently fully audited by a third party, meaning that what they say about their service including their no-log policy can be trusted.

9) Keeps no logs

Another essential feature for a VPN is not to keep logs of its users.

Express VPN knows how important privacy is to its clients, and it respects it by keeping no logs of your online activities. You can browse safely at all times.

Illustration of man in data centre

They’re also one of few VPN services who’ve seen these claims tested in a high-profile criminal case.

10) Connection reliability

If you are using a VPN to stay secure on the internet, you need to remain protected at all times.

ExpressVPN will see that you do, with superior connection reliability that will never leave your internet connection exposed. In our tests, we found them to be reliable both on a home connection and while using a mobile data connection.

Not only is it reliable but after listening to customer feedback they increased their connection limits from 3 and now allow up to 5 simultaneous connections from one account.

11) Smart Location

Naturally, speed is the second most important thing after the reliability of your connection.

With the ‘Smart Location’ feature, ExpressVPN will automatically connect you to the location that can offer the best experience for you. If you’re a novice user, then it will allow you to click and connect without fuss.

30-day money back guarantee

12) Advanced leak protection

Even the best security can malfunction or experience an error every once in a while, and when that happens – your data will be in danger of leaking.

This is why ExpressVPN takes extra precaution to prevent it from ever happening with advanced leak protection.

Computer screen with broken padlock

This includes a kill switch (more on that later), IPv6 leak protection, DNS leak protection and more.

13) Split Tunneling

Sometimes, you might want only a part of your traffic to be protected and hidden, while the other parts of it do not require it.

This is often the case with various apps. ExpressVPN lets you use split tunnelling and make that choice yourself.

14) Automatic kill switch

If you ever happen to lose your VPN connection for whatever reason, you would be immediately exposed.

This is something that you need to prevent at all cost, and the ExpressVPN app can protect you with its kill switch.

15) Browser extension compatibility

ExpressVPN offers Firefox and Chrome extensions, which allow you to control your VPN directly from the comfort of your favourite browser.

While it doesn’t offer you the protection of their full client, it is a handy way to protect your web-browsing sessions.

16) Save your favourite locations

If you happen to enjoy connecting to specific locations, whether for content or another reason, you will no longer have to scroll down 3,000 servers to find a specific one.

The range of apps allows you to save your favourites and find them in a second.

Globe with location icon

17) Live chat support

When it comes to customer service, you need to be able to reach them in an instant, at any time. This can be crucial if there is ever an issue with your VPN.

With live chat, support is always only a few seconds away.

18) Works with Netflix

Netflix is extremely popular these days, but it has a bad habit of not offering all of its content to all regions.

That way, if there is something you like offered only in a specific region, you must use a VPN to get it, but not many are left that work with Netflix.

ExpressVPN does, so you can binge watch and ‘Netflix and chill’ as much as you want.

30-day money back guarantee

19) Works on the Fire TV Stick

Similarly to the Netflix situation, the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick offer a lot of content that you might not be able to reach from your location. ExpressVPN can help you out there as well.

They offer a dedicated Amazon VPN app, which makes VPN use on your big screen a doddle.

20) Works in China

Whether you live in China or you plan to visit, you must know by now that the country is extremely wrapped up in censorship, restrictions, and surveillance.

ExpressVPN can help you stay safe and reach out while inside the country.

In our tests and user tests on the ground, ExpressVPN is recommended as the most reliable option.

Line drawing of China with flag

21) Registered off-shore

If you’re a privacy-conscious user, then you’ll be concerned about governments approaching your VPN of choice and demanding information, especially those who are members of 5/9/14 Eyes alliance.

ExpressVPN is registered off-shore, in the British Virgin Islands, out of any such jurisdiction which is considered a safer choice.

22) Unlimited bandwidth

You may have heard that some VPNs tend to limit you with only a specific amount of bandwidth per day, week, or month.

ExpressVPN does not do that, and it lets you use as much as you wish, no limitations or restrictions.

23) User-friendly

ExpressVPN is exceptionally user-friendly and easy to use. Their apps are very intuitive, and there is no complicated set-up, just a few clicks, and you’re away.

There is no opportunity for you to do something wrong, as the entire process is automated.

30-day money back guarantee

24) Large discount

The price of ExpressVPN is often given as one of their drawbacks and, in fact, with their monthly package, we tend to agree.

However, there are substantial discounts available.

Take their 12-month package, for example. You can get three months entirely free and it works out 49% cheaper, which is certainly more friendly on your bank balance.

Safe illustration

25) Pay with Bitcoin

If you’re worried about linking your financial details with your usage, ExpressVPN lets you pay for their service using cryptocurrency.

They accept Bitcoin along with a whole host of other payment solutions.


As you can see, there are more than a few reasons why ExpressVPN is one of the best virtual private network services around.

Of course, no service is always going to please everyone but with 25 excellent reasons above you’ll likely find ExpressVPN superior to many other providers.

ExpressVPN is fully focused on their VPN service and hasn’t diluted their attention to other products like some other providers.

If you don’t agree with our assessment after giving them a try, then take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee and get your money back.

Ready to test the competition killer?

30-day money back guarantee

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Author: Ali Raza

Ali is a journalist with a keen interest in VPN usage. He is an expert in the field and has been covering VPN related topics for VPNCompare and numerous well-respected publications for many years.

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