Struth! ExpressVPN add Brisbane & Perth VPN Servers

ExpressVPN Perth Brisbane VPN

One of the largest VPN providers ExpressVPN has unveiled new server locations in Australia in both Brisbane and Perth.

Australia up until the last few years was heavily under-resourced when it came to VPN servers with little to no support in the country.

This all changed when data-retention laws passed in 2015 and came into effect in 2017 pushed privacy services such as VPNs into the spotlight.

A massive uptake in VPN use and interest ensued in the preceding months and leading VPN providers heard the call and started to cater for Aussie users.

Australian VPN expansion

Most large VPN providers opted to launch VPN servers in Sydney. Being the most populous city in Australia it clearly makes sense.

Many VPN providers only offer Syndey based servers but with Australia having such a large physical landmass it really isn’t enough to supply the demand from Australian users dotted all over the country.

ExpressVPN like a handful of other big name VPN providers up until recently also offered VPN servers in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city.

However, with Perth being more than a 4 hour flight away from Sydney the physical distance can often see users located there obtaining relatively slow speeds when relying on access locations in Sydney or Melbourne.

ExpressVPN says G’Day Mate to Brisbane and Perth

The problematic distance issue has been understood by ExpressVPN and they have responded by not only releasing new VPN servers in Perth but also Brisbane taking the coverage to the 4 largest cities in Australia.

Perth residents will be most excited about the latest development as they will see a greatly increased speed when connecting to their new local servers.

Brisbane residents will also see a marked increase in speeds which also opens up greater speeds for users in more northern towns such as Cairns.

Further good news for Australians is the VPN servers in both Brisbane and Perth are physical servers located in the cities themselves as opposed to virtual servers.

How to use the new Brisbane and Perth VPN servers

Users already signed up to ExpressVPN can take advantage of the two new server locations straight away. All you need to do is fire up your ExpressVPN app and select either location.

If you’re not currently an ExpressVPN user you can sign up for their service by clicking the orange link below.

Once signed up, download and install their app from their range of Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux options. You will then be able to connect to their new Brisbane and Perth servers along with the other 148 VPN locations they have available.

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Author: Christopher Seward

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