Easynews Review: A comprehensive look at this Usenet provider.

Easynews VPN
Easynews Review


  • Speed

  • Data Retention

  • Uptime

  • Ease of Use

  • Value for Money


Easynews is the simplest way to access Usenet in a convenient and quick manner from within your web browser.


  •  Amazingly simple to use.
  •  Huge choice of files going back 7 years.
  •  Super fast download speeds.


  •  Small download limit on lower package.
  •  Too much adult material.

More of our entertainment is being sourced from the internet. The boom started with music but soon moved to video and eventually on to streaming live video. No matter what your entertainment poison is the internet has a wealth of choice from all corners of the globe to suit every taste. I’ll be taking a look at one such source, Easynews.

There are hundreds of legitimate services now that offer up all types of entertainment from music to video right through to more interactive entertainment like gaming. While many people use such services there are also other less central types of sources of entertainment such as the ever popular BitTorrent or “Torrents” as they’re commonly known.

I’ve never had a massive need to use Torrents but instead have been a user of Newsgroups for the past 14 or so years and one provider springs to mind, Easynews. In this Easynews review I’ll be taking a look at what it is and how good it is at what it does, so if you’re after accessing a mass of files, read on to find out more!

What the F…udge is Easynews

Easynews is a provider of Usenet. Usenet is a system that goes right back to the origins of the internet and originally was a form of message board similar to Forums of today. Essentially a Reddit from the dawn of the internet.

Initially used to transmit messages the system soon moved to being used to distribute large files such as music and video. Unlike Torrents, Usenet relies on servers around the world to deliver and hold files at certain locations meaning it is reliant on servers and not individual users to distribute files.

With the mass of files that are distributed via Usenet most servers run by public organisations such as ISPs can only hold a limited amount of data and it’s not uncommon for them only to hold the last 7 days worth. Easynews is a provider that stores these files for a longer period of time, so long in fact that they now hold over 2527 days worth. That’s nearly 7 years!

Using Usenet is not overly difficult but for the novice it could be out of reach. Easynews conveniently makes Usenet “easy” hence the name. Rather than marking up a collection of messages to build a file, Easynews does this for you and makes the files accessible directly within one click.

How does it work

Once you’ve signed up Easynews is accessible via a web interface. It’s actually the only provider of Usenet that has such as simple to use web interface as far as I’m aware. There are other Usenet providers that make the process simple, but Easynews take that to the next level making everything possible from searching to downloading all from your web browser, no additional software required.

Once you’ve logged in you’re presented with a search interface that allows the searching of Video, Audio, Image and a selection of other file types. The process is really simple from this point forward and basically involves you typing in any search term you wish and hitting Search.

Easynews Search

Searching for different file types is a breeze.

With Usenet having such a large amount of files moving through it and the long retention from Easynews it’s almost impossible to not find what you’re looking for. Over the years I’ve found nearly everything I’ve searched for and only on a few occasions has it returned with no results. Even some more obscure files can be found.

Usenet is broken down into Newsgroups which are basically categories to separate messages and files into topics. If you don’t want to search for a specific file but want to browse through what is available then using the Find Groups tab of the search interface on Easynews offers this option. Here you can either search for a specific group if you know its name or look through lists based on certain file types such as video, sounds, pictures, etc.


Easynews offers various packages which dictate the amount you can download.

The cheapest is their Unlimited NNTP package at US$9.95 per month that allows unlimited downloads but doesn’t include the simple Easynews web interface that will be attractive to many. Signing up for this option requires you to download third-party tools and do a little more of the legwork yourself.

The cheapest and easiest package is their Classic Plan at US$9.98 per month which comes with a monthly 20GB download limit and the ability to search files as far back as 150 days. For an additional US$2.99 you can add the full file retention length as well as add the Unlimited NNTP on top for US$9.95 and even add a VPN service for US$2.99 to protect the privacy of what you download. You get 1GB per month extra for each month you are signed up.

Their second tier plan the Plus Plan costs US$14.97 per month and includes a 40GB download limit and 200+ days of file retention. You get a bonus of 2GB per month extra for each month you are signed up.

The final package and most cost effective is their Big Gig Plan costing US$29.94 that includes a 150GB download limit, the full file retention, unlimited NNTP, a free VPN service and 12GB extra per month for every month you are signed up. While the price may seem high, comparable to the other packages what you get in terms of features makes it totally worthwhile.

What can I find on Easynews

Newsgroups essentially carry similar types of files to Torrents. There are tons of videos, music and images available and all easily searched with Easynews. One of the major differences between Torrents and using a service like Easynews is the speeds you’ll achieve. Due to downloads coming from a central server near your location you’ll mostly receive the full speed of your internet because you’re not relying on the file coming from other individuals.

Easynews has various servers across the world and because of this I always achieve the full download speed of my internet connection when using Easynews which is a big plus for their service.

If you’ve got young kids or teenagers you may want to restrict them from using such a service. Usenet is awash with porn and even a simple search for “Scenic” images turned up a handful of adult images that I’ll say no more about. If you can battle past the porn though it is an amazing resource to find wallpapers or other images for your computer.

Easynews Article Search

Image search made easy!

Music, movies and a host of other files are available on Usenet and Easynews indexes these into easy to access files. Being aware of what you’re downloading is essential though as Easynews are merely an indexing service and index everything that gets uploaded to Usenet. As some people upload copyrighted works you should be careful about what you download if copyright laws apply in your country.

Easynews overall is a great resource for whatever you’re looking for and when it comes to downloading large files like Linux distributions the speeds achieved really far our perform those of Torrents or other such download services.

With the simple search interface downloading is made extremely easy and even the novice could navigate the Easynews system. In recent years the search and layout of the site has been vastly improved to make it more user-friendly and I’d certainly recommend it for all ability types.

Overall thoughts

The fact I’ve been using Easynews for 14 or so years really tells you all you need to know about the quality of the service. They’re one of the simplest forms of accessing Usenet and a vast resource for any types of files you want to download.

Speeds achieved from Easynews are excellent and when combined with a download manager or web browser that can handling pausing and resuming of downloads it makes the process a breeze.

Easynews extract most files from their zip or other compressed forms which allows you to download fully formed files such as ISOs easily saving you time and processing power. For those files that aren’t automatically extracted their Zip Manager system allows you to easily zip sets of files together to be downloaded in larger chunks rather than spending time downloading many individual files.

Easynews Zip Manager

Easynews Zip Manager

Easynews respect your privacy and allow you to download over an SSL connection using HTTPS. They’ve also recently introduced a dedicated VPN service which can be added to the lower packages for a small fee but comes included in the higher priced package.

The price you pay for the ease of the service is of course slightly higher than if you access NNTP directly but if you want ease of use and to take any of the headache out of using Usenet then they’re certainly worthwhile. For those who don’t mind digging around the NNTP package at less than $10 for unlimited downloads it’s a steal.

I really can’t fault Easynews for the service they provide and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering signing up.

Christopher Seward

Author: Christopher Seward

After 25 years of using the internet, Christopher launched one of the very first VPN comparison websites in 2013. An expert in the field his reviews, testing and knowledge have helped thousands of users get the correct VPN for their needs.


  1. Avatar AnonymousPerson007

    SERVICE for Easynews is NON-EXISTANT. I’ve been a customer for 13 years and recently had to contact them regarding an issue I had logging in using certain browsers. They never ONCE emailed me back. I emailed them at least 10 times now and not ONE response. They just don’t care. I will be going elsewhere.

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