How to download Openload files blocked in your country

Openload storage

Openload has been getting quite a bit of publicity recently mainly because of one or two dodgy files hosted on their service.

While there’s no denying Openload has become one of the favourite haunts of those uploading copyright content there are a hundred and one other uses for the service. To their credit Openload have a DMCA policy in place so their copyright-content badge is a somewhat unfair label.

One of the most notable features is the easy way to upload and store copyright-free material such as your own home produced videos or other files of a large nature.

However, often files uploaded to Openload are restricted by country so if you try to download a specific file you can find it’s not available in your country.

Kind of how YouTube blocks you from streaming videos that the uploader has not made available in your region.

The good news is though it’s still possible to download these region block files and it isn’t hard to do. Below I’m going to show you how.

Download blocked Openload files

We’ve all been there, someone sends you a link to a file hosted on Openload and you try to download it. Only to be hit with a big block message that tells you it’s not available in your country.

If you need reminding what that annoying block looks like, then this is it…

Openload Blocked

The internet really wasn’t developed with all these restrictions in place and in a virtual world there really should be no borders. Unfortunately though in recent years everything seems to be geographically restricted from blocked Netflix regions to blocked Openload files.

Luckily an app exists that allows you to hop over these geographical restrictions and its name is a VPN.

A VPN works by allowing you to change your online location. Let’s say for example you’re in the UK but a file is restricted to downloading in Romania only. You use a VPN to alter your location to Romania and as if by magic you’re now able to download the file from Openload.

It’s super easy to do too, take a look at the 5-steps below which show you how to go from being blocked on Openload to downloading any file you want.

How to download Openload files blocked in your country

Follow the 5 steps below to get yourself a VPN and to use it to download Openload files that are blocked in your country.

  1. Visit the VPN provider IPVanish and sign up for their service.
  2. From the Apps area of their website download and install the correct app for your device type.
  3. Open the app and login with the account details you created when you signed up for the service.
  4. On the app select a country other than your own but geographically near (this is important for speed reasons).
  5. Press Connect.

IPVanish Netherlands

It doesn’t take long for the IPVanish app to connect and within around 15 seconds it will let you know it has connected to the country you selected.

You should now revisit the Openload page that was previously blocked in your country and it will now be available.

If you find the page is still blocked in the country you’ve connected to then you’ll need to reconnect to another country until you find the country the file is intended for. For example if a file is restricted to download from the United States only then you’ll need to connect to the United States to download it.

When you’ve downloaded the file you can disconnect from the VPN and your internet connection returns to normal. If you need to download further files in the future simply reconnect.

Copyright material warning

Like any file locker type site, the files uploaded can be a mixture of free to use files and files that are copyright material.

You should be careful about what you download from Openload to ensure you’re staying within the law in your country.

Files can be restricted to certain countries for various reasons and on a site like Openload, this is unlikely to be due to their copyright status.

Bypassing geo-restrictions in most countries is not against the law, usually only against the terms of conditions of the site you’re accessing. Or indeed just bypassing what the original uploader intended.

A VPN is a completely legal privacy tool that has the ability to bypass geographical restrictions but it does not absolve you from the law in terms of downloading copyright material.

Download Openload blocked files recap

When you attempt to download a file from Openload you may find that it’s not available in your country.

To bypass this block you need to get yourself a VPN app which will allow you to appear in another country. This will allow you to download any Openload file regardless of the country it is restricted to.

You can get a VPN by using the button below to get our recommended service or if you want to shop around two more providers we recommend are ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

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