Does IPVanish Work for Kodi? We Answer That Question

IPVanish work with Kodi

Kodi has completely revolutionised the way that many people access TV shows, movies, and other media content. But using Kodi’s unofficial add-ons without a VPN can be risky as copyright holders crack down on infringements.

As a result, a VPN is now an essential tool for Kodi users to help their online streaming habits private and secure. IPVanish is one of the most popular VPN providers for Kodi users, largely thanks to its dedicated Amazon Fire TV Stick app.

But does IPVanish really work for Kodi users?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know.

Does IPVanish work for Kodi?

Different VPNs have different attributes, which means finding the best VPN for you can depend on what you plan to use it for. Kodi users will primarily be streaming video and audio content and for this, they have a very specific set of requirements. Those include:

  • Fast Connection Speeds
  • Strong encryption and privacy provisions
  • Large server network
  • No user restrictions
  • Works on all devices popular with Kodi users.

IPVanish ticks all of these boxes. It offers some of the fastest connection speeds of any VPN provider and, importantly these speeds are consistent and reliable across their entire server network. Their encryption is as strong as it gets, while they offer a trustworthy no users logs guarantee and a reliable set of privacy policies.

The IPVanish server network consists of more than 850 servers in 60 countries, which helps connection speeds as well as allowing users to unlock content from around the world.

IPVanish also has no restrictions on bandwidth or file types users can download, while it has apps for almost every device you can think of, including the Amazon Firestick.

So, not only does IPVanish work for Kodi, but it actually does everything you will need from a VPN.

How to use IPVanish with Kodi

Using IPVanish with Kodi is actually a very straightforward process.

Whether you are using Kodi on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, IPVanish has a dedicated app that can help keep your Kodi activity private and secure. And getting it all set up and ready to go is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. The first thing you will need to do is head over to the IPVanish website and sign up for one of their subscription packages. It will only cost you a few pounds a month and signing up is easy. Just follow their simple onscreen instructions.
  1. Once you are signed up, you will then need to download the right app for your device. The IPVanish website should automatically redirect you to their downloads page where you can choose between apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux, Chromebook, and various other devices too.
  1. Once your app has downloaded successfully, open it and log into your IPVanish account using the details provided.
  1. You can then choose to use their single-click connection feature, which will automatically connect you to the nearest available server to your actual location, or choose a specific server from their extensive network.
  1. Once you choose a server to connect to, wait a few moments for the connection to be established. Then, everything you do online will be diverted through that server and you can use Kodi to stream whatever content you want with complete peace of mind.

Does IPVanish work for Kodi on Fire TV?

Yes, it does. As we have already mentioned, IPVanish is one of the few VPN providers which offers a dedicated Amazon VPN app which can be downloaded onto an Amazon Firestick. However, this does come with a caveat.

If you have a 1st generation Firestick, you will not be able to get IPVanish or any other VPN working on it. That is because the device does not contain the necessary software and while you can download VPN apps, none of them will be able to establish a connection.

However, the 2nd generation Amazon Firestick does support VPN connections and IPVanish was one of the first providers to create a dedicated app for Firestick users. It remains by far the most popular VPN for users of Kodi on a Firestick.

Installing IPVanish onto an Amazon Firestick is really easy. Just sign up for their service online in the same way as we have described above. Then, search for the IPVanish app in the Amazon App Store and download it onto your Firestick.

Once downloaded you will be prompted to log in. After you have done that you will be able to connect to an IPVanish server in the same way as you can with their desktop or mobile apps.

You can read more about how to install a VPN onto an Amazon Firestick here. If you’re looking for other VPN services for use with Kodi then check out our Best VPN for Kodi guide.

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