Does IPVanish? 10 frequently asked questions answered

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IPVanish has been one of our favourite providers over the years, in fact, they’ve even been awarded our ‘Editor’s Choice’ a couple of years running.

While there’s little doubt that IPVanish offers one of the best VPN services available it can be difficult to know if they work for specific purposes.

For example, do they work with Netflix? Or do they allow Torrenting? There’s a lot of outdated and unreliable information out there.

That’s why we’ve compiled a listed of answers to the ten most frequently asked questions that you are others are asking about the IPVanish service.

So let’s find out, “Does IPVanish?”.

1) Does IPVanish keep logs?

IPVanish is a completely no log VPN service. This means they store no record of what you do while connected to their service or what times you connected, the servers you were assigned etc.

If you keep up with VPN news then you probably heard in 2018 a historical case from 2016 in which IPVanish handed over details of a paedophile to US law enforcement. This called into question the whole logging practices of IPVanish.

Thankfully since that episode, the service is now under new ownership and they have recommitted themselves to their no log stance. There have been no further reports since to suggest this isn’t true.

2) Does IPVanish work with Netflix?

The IPVanish service has a hit and miss affair with Netflix. Not all servers work, but you may find some that do.

Overall I would say they don’t work with Netflix because it’s not merely a case of connecting to any server and it working. It can take at least 3-4 reconnects to various locations to find a server that works with Netflix.

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I take that more that it works by accident rather than by design.

3) Does IPVanish work?

It’s a rather simple question and may seem strange but it’s certainly a good question to ask.

Yes, IPVanish works and it works well. In fact, they’ve been one of our favourite services to use over the past five years. Their service is reputable and in our experience, it’s fast and reliable too.

You’ll have no issues signing up and using IPVanish, they work.

4) Does IPVanish work in China?

IPVanish is not known to work in China.

They also don’t actively enable their service to work in China nor do they offer any specific modes for connecting in China.

Even IPVanish themselves state in their support answers that their service is unlikely to work in China. If you’re looking for a reliable service for use in China then check out ExpressVPN or one of our other 4 tested services that work there.

5) Does IPVanish block ads?

No, IPVanish does not include any options that block ads.

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If you wish to block ads while using the IPVanish service then you’ll need to install an additional ad blocking app such as Adblock Plus or one of the many other options available.

6) Does IPVanish slow down streaming?

Using a VPN service in most cases means you’re using encryption to protect your connection.

Encryption will cause some slowdown on your connection and this is not specific to IPVanish but a fact of using any VPN service.

In our most recent review of IPVanish we found their speeds to be some of the best available and in most cases only lost between 1 – 3 Mbps compared to our regular internet connection.

Unless you have an extremely slow internet connection to start with then although you will lose some speed, it will not slow down your streaming or introduce buffering of any kind.

7) Does IPVanish work with Real Debrid?

Yes, IPVanish is compatible with and works with Real Debrid.

Although they aren’t listed as a ‘Cooperative’ VPN service, they are in a list of services that Real Debrid has confirmed working with their service.

So if you’re a Real Debrid user, you won’t have any issues using IPVanish with their service.

8) Does IPVanish work with Firestick?

IPVanish has a dedicated Amazon Firestick VPN app, so yes, their service works well with the Amazon Firestick.

The Amazon app is also compatible with both Fire TV and Fire TV Cube devices.

IPVanish was one of the very first VPN services to release a dedicated Amazon app allowing you to stream content privately and unblock services from overseas. It will also let you take your Fire TV device abroad and watch your favourite apps from your home country.

9) Does IPVanish work on multiple devices?

IPVanish offers one of the biggest numbers of concurrent connections in comparison to any other VPN service.

You’re able to use one service on up to 10 devices at the same time.

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IPVanish also has a full range of apps for most devices. Apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and the Amazon Fire TV Stick. So you can use one account on up to 10 devices at the same time.

10) Does IPVanish have a Kill Switch?

IPVanish’s desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS systems have a Kill Switch feature. Should your VPN connection drop without warning, your internet connection will be cut to save any data from being passed outside the VPN connection.

The mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS do not have a Kill Switch option.

In Summary: Does IPVanish?

IPVanish is one of the best overall VPN services out there. In our most recent review, we found them reliable and fast.

Their service doesn’t do everything however and one area where they lack is for unblocking overseas streaming content like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and other popular services.

Aside from issues unblocking streaming content, the service is excellent for protecting your privacy and a multitude of other purposes.

Have you got any questions about IPVanish that we didn’t answer? I would love to know so post a comment in the comments section further down and we’ll help solve that too!

Find out more in our IPVanish review or sign up to their service below and get a full 7-day money back guarantee.

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