Does ExpressVPN have a Kill Switch: Answered!

ExpressVPN Kill Switch

If you’re wondering if ExpressVPN has a Kill Switch? then this article is for you.

In this article I’ll be looking at the ExpressVPN service to find out if it offers a Kill Switch. So if you want to know the answer, read on.

ExpressVPN is one of the biggest VPN services in existence and with positive reviews across the internet plus a huge range of server locations it’s not hard to see why they’re considered one of the top providers.

But does ExpressVPN have a Kill Switch?

Having a Kill Switch on the VPN service you use is pretty much a requirement these days. With plenty of choice of VPN services only those offering additional features such as a Kill Switch should be considered. You can see a full list of features offered by ExpressVPN in our review.

So enough of this rambling, let’s find out of ExpressVPN does have a Kill Switch.

Is a Kill Switch available on ExpressVPN?

The good news is, Yes, ExpressVPN does have a Kill Switch available on their service.

You’ll need to make use of the custom desktop apps for both Windows and Mac OS to make use of the Kill Switch feature. ExpressVPN calls this a ‘Network Lock’.

If your internet connection was to drop unexpectedly or for some reason the VPN service lost connection the Windows and Mac OS app would cut your internet access.

This Kill Switch or ‘Network Lock’ ensures that none of your private data leaks outside of the ExpressVPN network.

ExpressVPN doesn’t currently have a Kill Switch on their mobile apps, nor on their Amazon Fire TV and Firestick app but this isn’t uncommon. You’ll need to stick to your desktop or laptop if you’re carrying our critical tasks that require the utmost security.

How to get ExpressVPN and use their Kill Switch

Using the Kill Switch on the ExpressVPN requires nothing more than ticking a box. Even if you’re a novice when it comes to VPN usage it’s just one extra option which you can set and then forget about.

Follow the steps below if you want to sign up for ExpressVPN and use their Kill Switch. You’ll also get three months free on a 12-month subscription by using the link below.

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN website and press ‘Get ExpressVPN’ to sign up for their service.
  2. Once you’ve signed up go to the ‘Products’ section of their website and download either the Windows or Mac OS app.
  3. You need to get the activation code from the ‘My Account’ section of the website to activate the app once you’ve installed and opened it.
  4. Once open press the three lines ‘burger’ icon and then press Options.
  5. Under the ‘General’ selection tick the box that says ‘Enable Network Lock (internet kill switch)’. Then press OK.

The Kill Switch or ‘Network Lock’ is now enabled and you’re free to connect to the ExpressVPN service.

ExpressVPN Kill Switch

Should your connection to the internet drop or more importantly your connection to the VPN server drop, your internet connection will be cut until you can reconnect or resolve the issue which caused the drop.

Why you should use a Kill Switch

Using a Kill Switch is an essential tool to protect your online privacy. While modern day VPN connections are extremely reliable there are occasions where the connection can drop.

Also depending on how good your internet connection is and how reliable it is can also play a large factor.

A Kill Switch will cut your internet connection should there be some interference that causes your connection to the VPN service to unexpectedly drop.

Often these drops can happen in a matter of seconds from dropping connection to reconnecting and if you’re not at your computer or other device or you just don’t notice then there could be a period where sensitive data leaks outside the VPN connection.

A Kill Switch from ExpressVPN will mitigate against this. Any network interference or unexpected connection drops will cause your internet to cut saving your sensitive data from leaking outside the VPN connection.

If you haven’t previously been using a Kill Switch then now is the time to enable it as it adds an extra layer of protection to your online security.


I’m happy to report that the ExpressVPN does have a Kill Switch available on their service.

The Kill Switch feature known as a ‘Network Lock’ is available on both their Windows PC and Mac OS software. Simply go to the Options section of the software and enable the Network Lock to get protected.

If you’re interested in signing up for the ExpressVPN service you can click the button below. You can get 3-months completely for free on an annual package by using the link below.

Ready to stay secure?

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Author: Christopher Seward

Having used the internet since 1994, Christopher launched one of the very first VPN comparison websites in 2013. An expert in the field his reviews, testing and knowledge have helped thousands of users get the correct VPN for their needs.


  1. Christof

    Hi, I have been using ExpressVPN on my mobile and also computer. But the Killswitch feature is not that secure for Windows devices. When putting settings in my Android telephone that when VPN is down, also internet should not work anymore. That is really the case and working. When I want to use the same functionality for the Windows device, than it internet still works when I disconnect the VPN connection. When reaching out to ExpressVPN, I get a very unclear answer as internet is disconnected when VPN is ” unexpectedly” down. But what is unexpectedly. I would like to have internet connection stopped when VPN is disconnected ( expected or unexpectedly). I hope that is linked to the Windows 10 on my computer. Is Express VPN killswitch feature 100% secure for Windows? Can someone share his insight in this? Regards, Christof

    • Christopher Seward

      Hi Christof,

      Most VPN services including ExpressVPN’s kill switch will block your internet access if the connection to the VPN server drops unexpectedly. What this means is randomly without your doing. If you choose to disconnect manually then most services won’t block your internet.

      There are only a few providers apps that will do this. One is, whether the connection drops without your doing or you press disconnect it will automatically block your regular internet access until you click another button to reenable it.

      Hopefully this has answered your question but if not feel free to drop another comment.

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