VPNCompare.co.uk is an informational resource. While we attempt to keep all articles accurate and relevant due to the large volumes of articles and the ever changing landscape of the internet it is not always possible to keep all information up to date at all times.

While we endeavour to keep articles up to date we can only guarantee they are valid and correct at the time of publishing and any methods described were working at the time of publication. Should circumstances change we will attempt to update articles to reflect this in a timely manner but readers should be aware that changes made by third party sources are beyond our control.

VPNCompare.co.uk targets a worldwide audience and so it would be impossible for us to consider the laws and regulations of every nation. Articles should be used as an informational reference and any instructions followed or actioned are at the risk of the user who should consider their own local laws and regulations.

Although encryption may be legal in one country it could be illegal in another.

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