Cypriot PrimeTel offers customers VyprVPN protection

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About two weeks ago, PrimeTel, a Cyprus-based telecommunications provider announced their partnership with Golden Frog, an online privacy, and security company. The partnership brings with itself a number of benefits for PrimeTel customers.

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For starters, PrimeTel subscribers will now be privy to a sizable discount on Golden Frog’s VyprVPN – a VPN service that is widely considered to be amongst the best in the industry. The discount will cover 25 percent of the annual subscription, which makes the already very affordable service all the more attractive. However, if you’re not interested in paying the extra $75 per year, you can still opt for the free tier, which for PrimeTel customers, includes 1GB of recurrent data each month.

While the great savings on VyprVPN is an awesome incentive to start using a VPN service, the best part of this partnership isn’t the 25 percent discount, but rather the peace of mind that comes with a more secure connection.

PrimeTel is amongst the first internet service providers (ISP) to offer their customers such a heightened level of online security. Unlike most telecommunications companies, PrimeTel vows to go against the grain of harvesting their users’ data, and instead offer a healthy and secure online experience.

Although other ISP’s have made similar promises in the past, including a VPN service with a standard package is simply unprecedented. PrimeTel claims that data protection and customer privacy is their number one priority. Partnering with Golden Frog will allow them to do just that.

About VyprVPN

VyprVPN will allow PrimeTel, and their customers, to prevent data snooping through military grade encryption standards. With VyprVPN, customers will be able to access a truly uncensored and secure internet anywhere in the world. Unlike many other VPN providers, Golden Frog manages the entire service in house. From hosting their own servers and DNS to writing all of their own software, everything is handled internally and protected from end to end.

Besides the incredible level of security, VyprVPN also owns over 700 servers, and hosts over 200,000 unique IPs. This level of accessibility makes it one of the fastest VPN services in the world.

With VyprVPN, PrimeTel customers will be able to encrypt their internet connection, bypass firewalls and appear local to any of the 50+ global VPN locations – effectively defeating any potential content restrictions.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits that have come out of this partnership – so if you’re in an area that PrimeTel covers it might be worth a shot checking them out.

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