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5 of the Best VPN services for 2017

A VPN for 2017 should be top of your priority list but finding a good one can be troublesome. I’ve been testing a whole host VPN providers to bring you a list of 5 of the best for 2017. There is a huge difference in quality when

5 of the Best VPNs for China 2017

If you live or are travelling to China then a VPN is essential. In this guide I’m looking at the Best VPN for China and comparing 5 leading providers. With so much outdated and inaccurate information this updated guide for 2017 will allow you to surf the

10 Reasons You Need a VPN in 2017

As we kick off 2017, consider adding “better online security” to your list of New Year’s resolutions. Let’s face it — we spend a good chunk of our time online, and with the increasing number of cyber criminals and over reaching government agencies all over the world, privacy

China using AI to censor group chats

China isn’t exactly known for their ‘online liberties’ of freedom of speech, but according to a recent study conducted by researchers at the Munk School of Global Affairs, the nation’s censorship reaches even further than one would imagine. Last month, researchers from the University of Toronto published

Best VPN for Thailand 2017

The number of British expats in Thailand is hard to pin down but figures suggest there are more than 50,000 British expats and many more unofficially living in Thailand at any one time. The figure for worldwide citizens living in Thailand has been put at around 1 million.

Why the Investigatory Powers Bill matters to you

We’ve published a great deal on the Investigatory Powers Bill over the last couple of months, but there still remains a lot to be said. Though most people familiar with the legislature tend to agree that the Snoopers’ Charter oversteps many important boundaries when it comes to