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Trump tweet opens US online censorship debate again

The debate over censorship and freedom of speech online is back at the top of the news agenda in the USA after President Donald Trump tweeted his support for a number of far-right figures who have been booted off Facebook and Instagram. In his tweet, Trump promised

Is the VPN industry getting too close for comfort?

If you Google the term ‘VPN’ you will find hundreds of different VPN providers out there vying for your business. There is also no shortage of sites like our own,, which are offering advice and guidance to help you find the right VPN. On the face

ASA rules NordVPN advert misleading

VPNs are not usually associated with TV adverts. They usually push their services through online advertising as they know that anyone using the internet is a potential client. So, NordVPN was breaking the mould somewhat when they launched a TV advert earlier this year. Perhaps they should

Facebook’s privacy propaganda push continues apace

Facebook is trying to reinvent itself as a privacy-friendly platform and yesterday they hosted their F8 Conference which began what they claim will be a fundamental policy shift. As we reported in March, Mark Zuckerberg announced in a blog post plans to try and counter years of