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8 Reasons why the UK’s Porn Block sucks

Expected from the 1st April this year (although rumours are it’s delayed again), the UK will start automatically blocking access to free porn sites, a move of unashamed online censorship which frankly, if you’ll excuse the pun, sucks. After April Fool’s Day, no-one in the UK will

Data-hungry Facebook planning privacy pivot

In recent year’s Facebook has become the very epitome of a data-hungry tech company, slurping up as much personal information as it can lay its hands on with absolutely no regard for its user’s personal privacy. But somehow, after years of negative publicity and scandals ranging from

Data leak reveals extent of China’s online surveillance programme

An independent cyber-security researcher has revealed indisputable evidence of the online surveillance programme of the Communist regime in China which shows the staggering extent to which they are monitoring the social media activities of Chinese citizens. Victor Gevers, who works with the non-profit GDI Foundation, which campaigns

Thailand passes ominous new cyber-security law

The government in Thailand has, this week, passed a hugely controversial new cyber-security law which is so loosely written that it poses a serious risk to the online security of Thai citizens and others visiting the country. The bill (PDF in Thai) was passed by a majority