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Overplay 15% off coupon valid August 2015 – January 2016

It’s the summer season of discounts. Overplay the number 1 provider of SmartDNS solutions today announced they are offering 15% off all packages from August 2015 right through until January 2016. The Overplay coupon has been launched because of the English Premiership Football season starting but you don’t have

Bunitu botnet proves well establish VPN providers safest option

The term botnet is commonplace and often associated with criminal networks that use such systems to attack websites, banks and other institutes for financial gain. This week a new previously unrecognised botnet threat was discovered by security researchers from Malwarebytes and one that should serve as a stark warning to

Pornhub uploaders caught out by exposed IP Address

Just last week, a number of users of popular porn site Pornhub have reported that they’ve received settlement demands reaching thousands of dollars. Most users report that these demands have been made after uploading videos to the site without explicit permission. Copyright settlement demands are hardly breaking

IPVanish VPN Coupon 15% off Aug 2015 – Jan 2016

This August saw the kick-off of the English Premier League. For those of you with no interest in Football (or Soccer if you’re American), it is the most popular football league in the world. With such excitement and interest leading VPN provider, IPVanish have decided to offer a

Keezel Indiegogo Campaign Promises VPN On The Go

With increased ease of access to the worldwide web comes a number of privacy and security concerns – most of which are based on easily accessible unsecured networks. Every time that you connect to a public (and sometimes even private) network you expose yourself to data leakage,

VPN safer alternative to Torrent Proxies after malware discovery

This week security researcher Gabor Szathmari published a report claiming that over 99% of torrent proxies contained malware or other hidden surprises that could seriously impact visitor’s systems. Torrent sites have been receiving negative press around the world with Europe becoming a hotbed of ISP wide blocks generally handed

India bans porn but bypassing #pornban simple

India, a country with one of the largest populations in the world has been hit with a porn ban. Access to the majority of popular adult streaming sites has been completely blocked across the country leaving many Indians amazed at the latest development. Social media site Twitter