How to cancel a NordVPN subscription quickly

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So, you have decided to cancel your NordVPN subscription and want to know how to do it? In this guide, I’ll be showing you the fastest method with no messing around.

While NordVPN is one of the best VPN services around, it may not be for everyone. Maybe it doesn’t have servers in the right places for you, or perhaps something else is an issue.

Perhaps you wish to replace it with a different VPN service, or you don’t want to use a VPN at all anymore (not advised – but the choice is yours!)

This often happens with travellers who only need a VPN when going on a trip, and then don’t use it when they come back home. No matter what your reason is, cancelling at any time is certainly an option, and today – I’ll be teaching you how to do it.

How to get a refund or stop payments

The first thing to do is to stop NordVPN from taking additional money from you or get the money back that you’ve already paid, and this is something that you can do in two different ways.

1) Cancel within 30-days

If you are still within the first 30 days from the moment you purchased one of NordVPN plans, you should know that you have the right to get your money back.

This is due to NordVPN’s money-back guarantee, but it only works for accounts in good standing.

All you need to do is contact their customer service and explain that you want a refund.

You can do this via email or live help.

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2) Cancel after 30-days

If you have already gone past your first 30 days, and you are a long-term NordVPN user who wishes to cancel their subscription, you can do that as well.

Start by logging into your account, and scroll to the bottom of the account page.

There, you should see an option called ‘Cancel Automatic Payments‘. Click on that, and then on ‘Confirm Cancellation‘.

This will stop NordVPN from taking more money from you on its own. If you want to check your account is stopped, then contact their customer support.

You will be able to continue using your account until your renewal date, but you won’t get a refund for any unused time if you choose not to continue using it.

How to stop a Google Play subscription?

If you have your subscription on Google Play after signing up via the Android app, you should know that those are always automatic and that they will be renewed on their own unless you stop them.

Google Play

Do so by going to the Play Store, proceed to ‘My Subscriptions, and find the one you want to cancel. Click on ‘Manage, and then on ‘Cancel Subscription.

That is all it takes to end a subscription there.

How to stop an Apple iTunes subscription?

If you are an Apple product user, and you have your subscription via iTunes, here is what you must do.

Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you should go to Settings‘, and then tap on your name, and proceed to the iTunes & App Store.

Next, tap on your Apple ID, which you can find at the top of your screen. After that, go to View Apple ID and sign in. Scroll down to the ‘Subscriptions‘ section, and tap it.

Apple App Store

Find the subscription you wish to cancel, and tap ‘Cancel Subscription‘.

Things to consider before cancelling

Before you end your subscription entirely, think about whether or not that is the right step to do.

If your reason for cancelling is some kind of issue, it might be a problem that can be resolved.

VPNs provide you with numerous support guides that cover ways to resolve problems in detail. You might want to open a ticket, or even contact NordVPN’s live support.

In any case, try working the problem out before fully giving up on any VPN, including NordVPN, because many issues can often be resolved quickly.

Consider an alternative VPN

It might be possible that NordVPN just wasn’t the right VPN for you.

However, don’t give up on VPNs entirely because of that. While we rate NordVPN as one of the leading VPN services, many factors can influence how well it functions for you.

Many other services differ and offer different features, prices, and alike. Consider some other provider, such as ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or IPVanish.

1) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is our #1 recommended VPN provider, and easily one of the fastest ones available.

ExpressVPN logo

It also has a vast server network in 94 countries. There is pretty much nothing that you can’t reach with it, and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so again you’re covered if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

It offers secure 256-bit encryption, and it’s been audited to prove it stores no logs of your activity.

2) CyberGhost VPN

Next, there is CyberGhost, which is also very fast and secure. It is an old and respected service, and it offers one of the most extended money-back guarantees in the industry, lasting for 45 days.

CyberGhost Large Logo

It even has 24/7 customer support, which is excellent for resolving any problem you might have.

3) IPVanish

Finally, consider IPVanish, they’ve been one of our favourite providers over the years offering a robust and reliable service.

IPVanish large logo

They’re not the best for unblocking streaming content though so you may want to consider that if it’s your primary usage.

You should also be aware that their money-back guarantee is quite short, only lasting for a week. So ensure you test the service fully in the first week to see if it’s for you or not.


If you wish to cancel your NordVPN subscription, you can easily do it at any time.

However, you should first reconsider doing so. If there is a problem that can be solved, try contacting NordVPN’s customer support and working it out with them.

If you have decided to go through with cancellation anyway, you should first know your situation and circumstances, as you might be able to get your money back entirely.

But, if you do want to end your relationship with NordVPN, it’s essential you consider another such as our three recommendations above or any in our VPN Comparison Guide.

Using the internet without protection is risky, and as more websites and services become restricted the reasons to use VPNs ever increase.

Did you get your money back or cancel without issue or was it a series of headaches? I would love to know, so let me know your experience in the comments section below.

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