Brits need to buy a VPN now and here’s the reason why

Brexit VPN

If you’ve been keeping up with internet security in the past few years then you’ll know a VPN is an essential tool in your arsenal. I’ll be showing you one important reason why as a Brit you should be getting your hands on one right now.

Did you know as a Brit the price you’re paying for a VPN service has continued to rise year on year even though the prices have remained the same worldwide?

It’s all down to Brexit. Or more specifically it’s down to the currency fluctuations as a result of the uncertainty facing Brexit.

The Pound is up and down

In the last few days the pound has buoyed a little on news that a ‘deal’ with the EU about the UK’s departure is getting ever closer.

However, if you’ve been following the news over the past 2 years you’ll know it tends to be a 2-step forward and 1-step backwards process. It’s this messing about that is causing unnecessary fluctuations with the value of the pound.

Unfortunately for you, nearly all VPN services are charged for in US Dollars. This means as the power of the pound falls, internationally the prices increase for you.

While the pound in your everyday spending in the UK hasn’t changed in real terms, the value of what you’ll get for it abroad has and is changing all the time.

It’s for this reason that if you’re a Brit you should lock in a VPN deal now.

VPN price increases for Brits

Back in June 2015 pre-Brexit vote, a VPN would set you back around £4.12 when paying monthly.

By March 2016 this had risen quite rapidly to £4.57 per month.

At today’s rate in November 2018 the same package will cost you a fraction over £5 per month. Over a 2 and half year period this may not seem like a huge amount. However, it’s worth remembering that the base US dollar price hasn’t budged at all in that time.

VPN provider IPVanish has remained the same at $6.49 for all that time and if you put that into an annual account perspective then the difference is even more noticeable.

Whereas an annual account at $77.99 would have cost just £49.46 back in 2015 the same $77.99 package will now cost you a whopping £60.

Why you should buy a VPN now

It goes without saying that if you don’t already have a VPN then you should get one now. With the number of online privacy threats on the increase, it’s recommended that you use a VPN just as you would use anti-virus software on your computer or other device.

As a Brit you should definitely be thinking of getting a VPN service right now. The pound is currently at a good rate in comparison to what it has been in recent months.

However with uncertainty around Brexit and then type of deal (if any) that will be struck with the EU this could lead to a further drop in the value of the pound leading to a price hike in your VPN service should you wait.

How to save big on a VPN even with Brexit

It’s not all doom and gloom though and regardless of which side of the fence you’re on over the Brexit issue, there are some amazing deals to be had by shopping around a little.

For example, ExpressVPN costs $12.95 per month but if you pay on an annual basis and use our special discount link then you can slash the price by as much as 49% paying just $6.67 per month or £5.13.

IPVanish has an equally good annual deal. Their monthly package will set you back $10 per month but if you take their annual package then you can get that for just $6.49 or around £5.

So while it may seem grim at the moment when buying services that are charged in overseas currencies there are ways to still make a saving and lessen the impact of any currency fluctuations.

What the future holds

No one can predict the future, especially where Brexit is concerned.

What is certain is online security threats are on the increase and your privacy is a valuable commodity. Protecting it at any cost is value for money.

It’s entirely possible that the UK will prosper outside the EU but it may take some years to realise that in terms of currency strength.

At worst no deal will be struck with the EU which will likely have a negative impact on the value of the pound meaning higher prices for VPN services. On the other hand a good deal is likely to result in a currency bonus making VPN providers cheaper in the long term.

My recommendation? Lock in a price now that you’re happy with, take advantage of one of the special deals offered by the likes of ExpressVPN or IPVanish and ensure your privacy is protected regardless of what occurs.

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