Best VPN Service 2018: Top 5 Choices

Best VPN Service 2018

Finding the Best VPN service in 2018 can be difficult and with so many options it’s often hard to know where to turn or who offers the Best VPN service.

We’ve put together this guide to take away that difficulty by rounding up the Top 5 Choices when it comes to VPN services in 2018.

We’ve been testing a range of services over the past few months to find out who offers the Best VPN service and ultimately who will give you most for your money.

The truth is there can be a huge difference between VPN services and with them all costing approximately the same it’s definitely the case that you can get more for your money by shopping around.

Being savvy when shopping for a VPN service is critical and the first good move is consulting this guide. This guide will help compare the best VPN services for 2018, find the service most suitable for your needs and ultimately save you time and money.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Choices of Best VPN Service for 2018.

Best VPN Service 2018: Top 5 Choices

IPVanish Apps

1. IPVanish

Best VPN Service for 2018

One of the fastest services
Apps for more devices than most
No log policy
Lacking a live help feature

With VPN servers in over 60 countries around the world and around 1000 individual VPN servers, there is plenty of power behind the IPVanish service. The large range of locations means it’s also suitable for use all over the world.

We were especially impressed with the speeds achieved on the service and in our tests we found them to be one of the fastest VPN services of 2018.

Apps for Android and iOS tablets and phones are available plus software for Windows and Mac computers. There is even a dedicated Amazon app for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick which works great with Kodi installations too.

The standout feature of the service is their no-logging policy which means what you do while connected remains private and unlike some other providers they don’t log meta-data either.

At just $6.49 per month (approximately £4.85) with a 7-day money back policy we recommend checking them out.

Best VPN Service 2018

ExpressVPN website Jan 17

2. ExpressVPN

Best VPN for money back guarantee

Full 30-day money back guarantee
Largest range of server locations
Costs a bit more than IPVanish

VPN connection points in 94 countries make ExpressVPN one of the biggest services on locations alone and with more than 1700 individual VPN servers there is plenty of power under the hood too.

The service mixes a range of physical and virtual-location VPN servers giving you a good mix of speed and performance.

We really like the fact they’re registered off-shore and with strong encryption in place, it means they’re well placed to secure your online privacy. As recently as last year this was tested when they weren’t able to assist in a high profile case due to their no-logs policy.

With a 30-day money back guarantee there is plenty of time to test the service and with apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux you can secure up the privacy of all your devices.

NordVPN Website Jan 17

3. NordVPN

Best VPN for growth

Excellent server options
Registered off-shore
Speeds can be inconsistent across servers

NordVPN have grown into one of the biggest and best VPN services around which sees them enter our Best VPN Services guide for the first time in 2018.

In our tests we found them to enable access to more geo-restricted content than most other providers. Watching services such as BBC iPlayer, BT Sport, Stan, 7Plus, Netflix and a whole host of other services is possible without issues.

We really like the fact they’re registered in Panama which gives an added layer of privacy and they offer a selection of server options for different purposes such as double-hop VPN servers, anti-DDOS VPN servers, P2P VPN servers and a lot more.

If you’re happy to commit for 2-years then you can bag yourself a bargain at just US $3.29 per month (approximately £2.46) making them one of the cheapest providers around.

NordVPN has a no-log policy, 30-day money back guarantee and apps for all major devices. Website Jan 17


Best VPN for experts

Fast download speeds
Extensive encryption options
 Fewer servers than most

You won’t find on many “Best VPN” lists – if any. It’s definitely not due to a lack of quality either. certainly earn their place as one of our Best VPN services of 2018.

We recommend if you’re an advanced user who is looking for more encryption options than most and more secure ways of providing your VPN service.

That said, are still extremely user-friendly and really no more difficult to use than others. Apps are available for Android and iOS devices and software for Windows and Mac. They’re also one of few that offer a dedicated Amazon app for Fire TV devices.

They’re one of the fastest services we’ve used and even when using their double-hop servers you can get extremely impressive speeds.

Think of as the Bitcoin of VPN services… before anyone really took an interest in Bitcoin that is! They’re good, just fewer people know about them.

Cyberghost Website

5. Cyberghost VPN

Best VPN for beginners

Help for new users
Good selection of locations
 Not as fast as others

If you’ve never used a VPN before then CyberGhost VPN is certainly worth a look and why they’ve made our Best VPN Services 2018 guide.

Their standout feature is definitely their software and apps which help you make connection based on your needs. Want to unblock TV services? their app helps you, want to protect your privacy? their app helps you.

Whatever your need, the CyberGhost VPN app and software will assist you in connecting to the correct server which takes away the guesswork.

In 2017 the service expanded massively to offer VPN servers in more than 51 countries which means they’re suitable in almost all corners of the world.

CyberGhost VPN is owned by an eccentric German who even sports a “Privacy” tattoo, that in our book along with their 30-day money back guarantee means they’re worth anyone’s money.

How to choose the Best VPN Service in 2018

The VPN market is ever changing so using an up-to-date guide like this one is the first step in ensuring you select the best VPN service.

There are plenty of old guides floating about on the internet, including ones on this site itself. However, what VPN service was good in 2017, 2016 or before is not necessarily good for use in 2018.

For that reason it’s important to refer to guides such as this which are updated for 2018 so you get the best current service.

Which VPN service is best for your usage

All 5 services listed above are suitable for a range of purposes from protecting your privacy, beating censorship to streaming blocked content from around the world.

If you have time then it’s worth visiting all five providers as there can be small variations between services that may be more suitable if you have a specific need.

However, most of us lead busy lives and just want to know which is the best. For that reason we recommend IPVanish, but in reality, you can pick any of the 5 listed above because they all offer good all-round services suitable for a range of purposes.

Do these VPN services work with mobile devices

Yes, all five listed providers work with mobile devices.

They all have apps for both Android and iOS phones and tablets. This allows you to secure your privacy on the move.

You can protect your mobile privacy by signing up for one of the above providers and downloading their mobile app from your regular app store.

IPVanish even has an app for Amazon devices such as the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. This will allow you to protect your streaming privacy and is great for use if you have Kodi installed on either device.

What about the Best VPN service for computers

If you want to protect the privacy of your desktop computer or laptop then one of the five services listed above will definitely be suitable.

All five offer software for both Windows and Mac computers which lets you connect and secure your online privacy in just a few clicks.

If you’re a newcomer to VPN use then this makes the connection process extremely simple.

How long should you subscribe for

One of the most common questions is how long should you sign up for a VPN service.

There are many different subscription lengths ranging from 1-month to 3-years.

The first thing to consider is your needs. If you only need to carry out a few tasks, such as streaming video while abroad for a short period then a 1-month package will be suitable.

However, we strongly recommend a 1-year package for all other uses. Online privacy is going to be an issue long into the future which means you’ll need to protect your privacy for the foreseeable future.

1-year VPN services offer the best price coupled with the least risk. To sign up for a VPN service for 3-years is quite risky because the quality of the service could deteriorate. It’s also possible the service could close down midway through your subscription which means you may lose money.

You can save 50% or more signing up for a 1-year package so it’s our recommendation to select that subscription period. The prices of VPN services are pretty much at the lowest they can get with it being viable for the providers to run the service so there is little risk it will get any cheaper during your subscription.

Best VPN Service 2018: Recap

If you’re still struggling to make a decision then any of the five above will be suitable for most of your needs.

We strongly recommend signing up to IPVanish because in our eyes they offer just that little bit more than the other four. However, these are five of the best providers in the industry so you really can’t go wrong no matter who you end up choosing.

All you really need to do is choose one of the five providers above, sign-up and enjoy having a protected internet throughout 2018.

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