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One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, What is the Best VPN for Torrents or Torrenting? With ever changing policies we look at the most ideal providers for accessing torrents.

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The question is a very general one and the very first thing to remember is not all VPN providers are created equally. Although we list a very good selection of VPN providers on our comparison table and have reviewed many providers, many of which have received great scores, an important fact to remember is not all VPN providers are suitable for torrent access.

When we talk about Torrents, BitTorrent or even P2P in general, in most minds it pertains to the access of copyrighted material but it is entirely possible to download legal files from torrent networks. Regardless of your download habits, a VPN is the ideal solution to protect yourself from pesky legal notices, many of which are unwarranted and sent in error. With DMCA notices handed out like confetti, it isn’t worth risking sleepless nights by not employing the peace of mind a VPN provides. Another consideration is ISPs are now throttling torrent traffic at various times and so a VPN will bypass such speed throttling.

Different providers deal with torrent access in a variety of ways which include :-

  1. Allow torrents completely
  2. Allow torrents on select countries servers
  3. Forward on DMCA notices to you then issue you with a strike against your account
  4. Disallow them completely

Below we’ll look at the best providers for torrent access in each of the specific cases mentioned above. Of course, we won’t be detailing ones that disallow them completely as it would defeat the purpose of this article 😉

Allow Torrents Completely

IPVanish Small Logo

IPVanish is a truly no-log VPN provider. They also don’t restrict certain types of traffic which means you can use P2P just as much as you can stream a video or read a news article. Being a no-log VPN provider it means their service is suitable to protect your privacy as they don’t record what you access or what you get up to on the internet. With over 60 different countries to connect to and with some more torrent friendly than others it makes IPVanish the ideal choice for using for torrenting.

LiquidVPN Small Logo

The are very few VPN providers that allow blanket access to torrents with the majority opting to select specific servers. One provider that bucks this trend is LiquidVPN which allows access to torrent services across their range of servers. We recently interviewed their owner who confirmed he does not want to limit anything, ever. His general consensus overly was that as torrent access can be used for completely legitimate reasons that there should be no blanket call to block access to the protocols, ports or software used to access such services. Through past experience LiquidVPN has opted to select servers in the locations (including regular countries like the US & UK) that they are confident that can be used for torrent access thus protecting the end user, yourself.

LiquidVPN offer many good reasons why we recommend them as the top contender should you be interested in accessing torrents which include :-

  • Low prices
  • A good ethic regarding the services supported
  • Good speeds
  • A range of servers in countries that are suitable for North American and European users

PrivateInternetAccess Small LogoAnother provider that comes highly recommended is PrivateInternetAccess, comparable on price to LiquidVPN they are considered the de facto standard when recommending a VPN service that does not log any of the important details of your connection. With servers around the world there are no specific servers suggested for torrent access with it being allowable across their whole network. A good second consideration should their services be more suitable to your needs than our first recommendation.

Allow Torrents On Select Countries Servers

NordVPN Small LogoThe most likely scenario from many good VPN providers is that they allow torrent access but only on servers which they authorise. One of the main reasons behind this is to limit the impact of DMCA notices to jurisdictions which are less concerned with piracy and unlikely to be so easily pressured by large corporations. A definite possible solution that allows access to P2P networks on specific servers is NordVPN, they are our most recently reviewed service (as of 4th Feb 2014) and in general we found their speeds to be at the higher end of the scale making them a good solution to the needs of accessing torrents. They offer a good range of servers that allow torrent access which include Hong Kong, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. Small LogoA second provider that falls into this category but offers an equally good service is They are a Romanian VPN provider that offer a high encryption level. As stated the servers that torrent access is allowable on is limited to their Netherlands and Romanian servers. These two locations are highly suitable for European users with the possibility of eastern US/Canadian users also being able to make use of such locations. Those who are located physically further away may struggle to achieve maximum speed although in our recent review of their service we achieved brilliant speeds which make them a consideration especially for European users.

Forward On DMCA Notices To You

Providers that forward on DMCA requests to you are less suitable if you are downloading non-legal files although will still allow bypassing ISP speed throttling against P2P. For those of you who wish to stay on the right side of the law yet occasionally stray off by mistake then considering VyprVPN may be an idea. Although they will forward on DMCA notices to you they do allow 5 strikes before they terminate your service. They will also not share your details with the complainant unless ordered by a court of law. VyprVPN would be considered useful due to the huge range of locations available so if you live further from North America or Europe then it may be worth considering for speed reasons.

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