Best VPN for Torrenting in 2016

Best VPN for Torrenting 2016

Torrents, Torrenting, BitTorrent, P2P or whatever you want to call it gets a bad reputation.

Yes, it’s completely true that torrent sites and systems are awash with millions of illegal files from movies to music and everything else in between but aside from the obvious illegal aspect of torrenting and P2P networks there is another legal benefit to the file distribution system.

Large files can be distributed between many users swiftly and in a manner that does not clog down one centralised system. This is great news when large legal files such as OS distributions, game patches or other unusually large files are released that are heavily sort after.

Unfortunately because of the mass availability of illegal files many torrent websites and systems like The Pirate Bay for instance are blocked in the UK, throughout Europe and even more so, the world.

So today I’m going to look at the Best VPN for Torrenting in 2016 and give you a run-down of the available other VPN provider options that will not only allow you to access blocked torrent sites but will also keep your downloading habits completely private.

Remember though, illegal files are still illegal regardless of how private your downloading is. So ensure you stay legal and stay safe!

Best VPN for Torrenting in 2016

Rank Provider Lowest Price Review Link
1IPVanish Small Logo≈£4.22 ($6.49)
per month
2ExpressVPN Small Logo≈£5.41 ($8.32)
per month
3LiquidVPN Small Logo≈£3.18 ($4.75)
per month Small Logo≈£3.15 ($4.84)
per month
5PrivateInternetAccess Small Logo≈£2.25 ($3.33)
per month

1. IPVanish

IPVanish Small Logo


  •  No logs kept at all.
  •  No restrictions on torrent traffic.
  •  Unlimited bandwidth.


  •  None come to mind.

IPVanish is the daddy of all providers when it comes to Torrent use.

They do not log any of the data that you transfer which means your download habits will remain private. They operate a shared IP system meaning users can be assigned the same IP as another user at the same time making it almost impossible to decipher which user is accessing what and at what moment.

IPVanish offers unlimited bandwidth and in our speed tests they are more often than not the top provider in terms of speed. Check our December, November and October 2015 speed test results in which they finished First, Second & Second in highest overall speed.

IPVanish offers servers in over 60 countries meaning you can connect to other countries to access sites that are blocked within your own country and download via a jurisdiction that may have different laws in regard to torrent use.

Software is available for Windows and Mac and apps for Android and iOS devices making connection simple and quick meaning even if you’re a novice you can download torrents privately with no fuss.

For US$6.49 (approx £4.22) per month at their cheapest you get access to all the privacy IPVanish offer and with the features listed above and more I recommend them for torrenting in the UK, Europe, US, Australia and elsewhere.

Just follow the link below to check out their website and sign up.

My Number 1 VPN for Torrenting 2016.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Small Logo


  •  More servers available than most.
  •  No download logs kept.
  •  Use on desktop & mobile.


  •  Not the fastest speeds.
  •  Expensive prices.

If IPVanish don’t answer all your needs and you prefer to look elsewhere then ExpressVPN will make a good option.

Just like IPVanish they keep no logs of what you download meaning your torrent usage will be kept private and the files you download remain essentially a secret.

The biggest advantage to ExpressVPN is the amount of countries they have servers in with over 78 countries covered currently. So if you want to connect outside your country then there are plenty of locations available.

Another bonus to the ExpressVPN service is the unusually large 30-day money back guarantee, which as far as VPN providers go is unheard of and to my knowledge only the torrent-unfriendly provider HideMyAss offers a similar deal. Such a big guarantee allows you a whole month to test the service and if it isn’t what you need then get your money back.

On the negative side ExpressVPN aren’t the fastest provider and often sit around mid-table in our monthly speed round-ups. While they don’t offer bad speeds you won’t get the full power of your internet connection especially if you have a rather fast service and if you want to maximise your download speeds then IPVanish would be the better option.

Lastly, ExpressVPN is slightly higher priced than IPVanish and the other providers listed here with their cheapest monthly price being US$8.32 (approx £5.41) per month you have to be prepared to fork out a little more to take advantage of them.

If you’re interested in checking out what else ExpressVPN has to offer or you want to sign-up then click the link below.

3. LiquidVPN

LiquidVPN Small Logo


  •  Cheap and cheerful.
  •  Fast servers.


  •  No iOS app available.
  •  Small server selection.

LiquidVPN is an excellent third choice torrent VPN provider. Not only do they not log like the earlier providers meaning what you download remains private, they also offer some of the fastest speeds like IPVanish.

In our monthly speed tests LiquidVPN fluctuate between first and third place making them overall one of the fastest VPN providers I’ve used. This is great news if you’re looking for the best VPN for torrenting in 2016 as you’ll get optimal speeds.

Unlike IPVanish and ExpressVPN, LiquidVPN has a limited selection of servers available and currently cover 9 countries. Although this makes them unsuitable for a portion of the world, if you live near one of the countries they do provide servers in then you won’t be disappointed with the speeds.

Servers are currently located in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore so if you live nearby they’re worth checking out. If you need a larger selection then IPVanish or ExpressVPN would be more suitable.

If pricing is a concern then LiquidVPN are one of the cheaper providers at just US$4.75 (approx £3.18) per month but they do have a limited server selection and no iOS app, if you can live without those features then click the link below to visit their site and sign-up.

4. Small Logo


  •  Cheap yearly price.


  •  Lacking iOS application.
  •  Limited choice of servers available. are another provider that take your privacy seriously. As with the other providers do not log anything you download or discriminate against the type of traffic you download making them an ideal provider for torrent use.

As with LiquidVPN, are smaller in terms of servers available with 14 countries currently covered. Again, if you live near these countries then the speeds provide will offer a great torrent VPN service, however if you live further afield then you may want to consider one of the earlier providers that have a wider selection.

Shared IPs allow your usage to become intertwined with other users meaning it is highly unlikely that any of your downloading or browsing habits can be contributed to you and with no usage logs kept at and system logs securely kept and deleted with 24 hours then your privacy is mostly guaranteed. don’t currently have an iOS app but they do provide a client for Windows and Mac and an Android app meaning connection is simple and quick so you can get on with the job of downloading torrents.

From a price point are very advantageous being the second cheapest provider listed in this article. At just US$4.84 (approx £3.15) per month when taking an annual account the prices certainly won’t break the bank.

To find out more about or sign-up follow the link below.

5. PrivateInternetAccess

PrivateInternetAccess Small Logo


  •  Trusted by millions.
  •  Extremely cheap yearly package.


  •  Not the fastest provider.
  •  Heavily subscribed.

PrivateInternetAccess are one of the biggest VPN providers in the world with millions of customers claimed. If this is a good or bad thing is left to you to decide but there is no escaping they’re a name loved by many.

However, for as many users that love PIA there are others who dislike them and complain of poor speeds.

In my own tests I found their speeds to be good although not top of the tree but certainly functional. One reason why so many users love PIA is price alone and at US$3.33 (approx £2.25) per month when taking an annual package it is easy to see why.

PIA have expanded over the last year up from a country number of only just in the double digits to now covering 24 different countries. For the price this is more than acceptable but again if you’re after a larger selection then checking out IPVanish or ExpressVPN would have you better covered in this area.

One feature that you may enjoy is PIA allow payment via gift cards so if you’re after staying extra secure then you can use a payment method that doesn’t link personally to your billing address.

PIA allow torrent access and have a 7-day money back guarantee so if their smaller server selection doesn’t phase you and you can ignore some of the negative comments seen on sites like Reddit then they may just be worthwhile checking out.

Follow the link below to sign-up.

Summary: Best VPN for Torrenting in 2016

If you’re looking for the Best VPN for Torrenting in 2016 then I recommend IPVanish who because of features, speed and overall price offer the most well rounded and complete package to keep your torrent use private.

If IPVanish doesn’t suit your needs for whatever reason then considering the other 4 listed options will give you a good starting place.

When looking for a VPN for Torrenting you should consider the logging policy of the service, if they offer unlimited bandwidth and if they discriminate against torrent traffic. All 5 of the providers listed above offer good speeds with IPVanish excelling so if you download large files then all the providers suggested will be ideal for your needs.

If you would like to do some further research then taking a look at our VPN Comparison Guide that lists 20 of the top VPN providers would be a good start but remember that not all of them are suitable for use with Torrents.

To recap here are my top VPN providers for torrenting in 2016.

Rank Provider Lowest Price Review Link
1IPVanish Small Logo≈£4.22 ($6.49)
per month
2ExpressVPN Small Logo≈£5.41 ($8.32)
per month
3LiquidVPN Small Logo≈£3.18 ($4.75)
per month Small Logo≈£3.15 ($4.84)
per month
5PrivateInternetAccess Small Logo≈£2.25 ($3.33)
per month

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