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In this article I’m going to look at the best VPN for New Zealand and some of the reasons why VPN use in New Zealand is critical.

Firstly if privacy is your concern then using a VPN is important in New Zealand. NZ is one of the “five eyes” countries that share information closely with partners in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

If you’re against government snooping then a VPN should be your first port of call.

Like most developed countries strict copyright laws dictate what you can and can’t download and if you accidently download something from a torrent or P2P site then you could end up in a whole heap of trouble or even get a fine.

So whether you’re a downloader, a privacy advocate, want to access content or whatever other reason then a VPN is essential for use in New Zealand and below I’ll take a look at three of the best to keep you secure from prying eyes.

Best VPN for New Zealand

Rank Provider Lowest Price Review Link
1IPVanish Small Logo≈£4.22 ($6.49)
per month
2Overplay Small Logo≈£5.51 ($8.32)
per month
3ExpressVPN Small Logo≈£5.41 ($8.32)
per month

1. IPVanish

IPVanish Small Logo


  •  8 dedicated NZ servers.
  •  Super fast downloads.
  •  No logs kept.
  •  Unlimited bandwidth.


  •  Can’t think of any.

New Zealand is a little out of the way when it comes to the internet world and connection points aren’t always dedicated with some VPN providers. Thankfully IPVanish offers 8 dedicated VPN servers for New Zealand based in Auckland that will allow you to keep your browsing habits personal but not sacrifice on speeds.

If you want to tunnel out of New Zealand to access the internet via another location then Australia and South East Asia are well covered. With 31 servers in Australia and a handful in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and a whole host of other Asian countries you won’t be hard pushed to find connection points.

IPVanish offers a full range of software and apps for use in New Zealand so if you want to access on your desktop or laptop PC or Mac and also your mobile devices if Android or iOS then you’ll be able to with no problems.

Some key features of IPVanish are they are a fully no-log VPN provider which means they store no information about what you do on the internet or what websites you visit.

Operating their own Tier-1 network IPVanish offer some of the fastest speeds in the industry and we confirmed this ourselves with our monthly speed tests.

Our January 2016 review awarded them the highest ever score across our site so if you want my opinion they are definitely worth signing up to for use in New Zealand.

2. Overplay

Overplay Small Logo


  •  New Zealand servers.
  •  Free SmartDNS access.


  •  A little more pricey than IPVanish.
  •  Not as wide server selection.
  •  No mobile apps.

If IPVanish don’t take your fancy and you’re looking for another option then Overplay is my second place choice.

While they don’t have as many VPN servers as IPVanish in New Zealand they do have a dedicated NZ VPN server which will be suitable for fast browsing and downloading.

Like IPVanish they have servers close by in Australia and a range of countries throughout Asia.

Although Overplay is more expensive than IPVanish they do come with SmartDNS access that allows you access to TV streaming services from around the world with no speed loss and no need to connect to a VPN. Although it doesn’t encrypt your internet like a VPN does you then have the best of both worlds.

Overplay offers software for PC and Mac but unfortunately there are no mobile apps. Set-up is easy enough via their onsite guides but if you want simplicity then I suggest you stick with IPVanish.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Small Logo


  •  Largest range of servers.


  •  Quite expensive.
  •  Not as fast as the others.

ExpressVPN is my third choice VPN provider. They offer a good service but are more expensive than the other two options which may put you off.

Starting with the plus points they do offer the biggest range of servers worldwide and like IPVanish and Overplay they also offer New Zealand VPN servers and servers in surrounding countries such as Australia, South Korea, Taiwan and more.

A full suite of software is available including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS so connection is easy enough.

Unfortunately ExpressVPN aren’t as fast as the other providers and above and with them being slightly more expensive you may wonder what you’re paying for.

If you need access to a huge amount of servers then ExpressVPN is definitely the service for you but if you can make do with the wide range the others offer then I suggest you start there.


These days privacy is paramount both in New Zealand and elsewhere around the world. If you live in New Zealand or even if you’re just visiting then a VPN will allow you to both protect your privacy from invasive government snooping but also protect your connection from nefarious types on public wi-fi systems.

As well as protecting your privacy a VPN can also open a whole host of entertainment content from around the world allowing you to access movies and shows from other countries.

If you’re looking for a recommendation then IPVanish is my VPN provider of choice for New Zealand. Not only are they the fastest provider they also offer the most for the cheapest price.

If you want ease of use and good value for money then check out IPVanish however both Overplay and ExpressVPN make good options too if IPVanish isn’t suitable for your needs.

If you want to check out some further options and do more research then a good place to start is our VPN Comparison Guide that compares over 20 good providers.

To remind you of the available options here’s a recap of the choices.

Rank Provider Lowest Price Review Link
1IPVanish Small Logo≈£4.22 ($6.49)
per month
2Overplay Small Logo≈£5.51 ($8.32)
per month
3ExpressVPN Small Logo≈£5.41 ($8.32)
per month

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