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Plenty of users are wondering what the best VPN for iPhone is. It can be a headache searching through the app store looking for a reliable VPN service. There are a plethora of options available and it’s not always easy for the newcomer or even the seasoned pro to tell the difference between the available options.

Free iPhone VPN services

The first to consider are free VPN services. Unfortunately as with most things in life, you get nothing for free. While this may sound slightly cynical, it is actually extremely true. To run a VPN service costs money, a lot of money in fact, the more users you have, the more it costs. Free VPN servers are crammed with users, everyone loves a freebie, right?

The problem with this is you have to stop and ask, if it costs so much money, how are are these “free” services funding it? Some fill your iPhone screen with adverts, this reduces battery and also comes with a question mark over tracking. Others are likely to log and sell your details to other companies for the purpose of marketing. Knowledge is power these days, what better way to make money than to sell the details of thousands of customers browsing habits?

While free VPN services for iPhones exist, I certainly wouldn’t recommend them, not if you value your privacy and not if you want decent browsing speeds. A VPN connection that crawls like a snail is a pointless VPN connection.

Paid iPhone VPN services

Everyone loves a bargain and the mention of paying usually sends bargain hunters scuttling to the corners, but fear not! There are now hundreds of commercial VPN services aimed at the public, the great news about this is it means there is now heavy competition for your business.

Competition leads to price battles and now is definitely the time to take advantage of ever decreasing prices in the VPN market. An extremely good VPN service for your iPhone should cost no more than US$10 (Approx £6.55) per month, this can be taken down to near the $5 mark if you sign up for a longer period of time, for example a year.

The best 3 iPhone VPN services

Over the past 18 months that our site has been running, I’ve been in the fortunate position to test many VPN providers over a range of devices from Windows to Mac and also the mobile options for Android and iPhone. Without a doubt the iPhone is still the most sought after phone type and protecting your surfing habits or enabling geo-restricted content is certainly a feature enhancing benefit of a VPN service.

The three following providers are all new comer friendly with easy to install iOS apps for the iPhone that remove the bulk of set-up requirements that are usually an inconvenience for the majority of users.

  1. IPVanish
  2. VyprVPN
  3. HideMyAss

Not only can you easily install their VPN app on your iPhone but you can also use the same service across the range of your devices. So if you’re a bit of a gadget fiend and have a Windows system, Mac or (shock horror!) Android device then you can use the one service across all devices just by simply installing the relevant apps on the appropriate device.


IPVanish have a simplistic but effective interface, easy to navigate and great for the beginner. No complicated set up allows you to be up and running within minutes of installing the app.

IPVanish iPhone


VyprVPN offer a stylist and easy to use app, Mirroring their software across the range of devices. Once you understand how to use their software on one device, the layout is extremely easy to remember due to their cross platform similarities.

VyprVPN iPhone


HideMyAss have had an iPhone VPN app for some time. As with the other providers their app is easy to use and quick to set up, a colourful and fun app that takes care of the serious business of protecting your privacy.

HideMyAss iPhone

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