Best VPN for Expats in Canada: Our Top 5 Picks

Best VPN for Expats in Canada

In this guide we’re taking a look at the Best VPN for Expats in Canada.

Finding a VPN can be hard. If you’re new to VPNs then the lingo can be confusing and even if you’re a veteran, sorting through the bad providers can be time-consuming.

We’ve been testing some of the most popular providers to find out which is the best for use in Canada as an expat. We’ve used the criteria you’ll be interested in for your expat needs.

First, let’s take a look at some of the most common uses of a VPN as an expat in Canada.

Access TV from home

Canadian TV is great but if you’re like a lot of expats you’ll miss TV from your home country.

With a VPN you’ll be able to bypass geo-restrictions and access your home TV services. As an example, if you’re a British expat living in Canada you will be able to access BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and any other free streaming service.

You’ll also be able to access services you have subscriptions for such as Sky Go, BT Sport and more.

Expats from other countries living in Canada will also be able to access their home TV services too.

Protect your online privacy

Being in Canada probably means you enjoy being out and about and when out and about you’re likely to connect to public Wi-Fi.

Public Wi-Fi isn’t safe because others on the same Wi-Fi hotspot can potentially see what you’re accessing. A VPN will stop this from happening keeping you safe.

Avoid copyright notices

If you like to partake in a little Torrenting, Kodi use or Popcorn Time watching then you could find yourself on the wrong side of copyright law.

Canadians continue to receive notices regarding their download habits and while we’re not encouraging you to break the law a VPN can help keep your download habits private meaning you won’t be receiving any pesky copyright letters anytime soon.

Now we’ve seen a few reasons why you’ll want a VPN as an expat in Canada, let’s find out which is the best VPN as an expat in Canada.

Best VPN for Expats in Canada

IPVanish Apps

1. IPVanish

Best VPN for Expats in Canada

VPN Countries : 60 | VPN Servers : 700 | Simultaneous Connections : 5

Price : $6.49 p/m (≈ £5.12)

Super fast speeds

Easy to use

No live help

IPVanish is our top choice if you’re an expat in Canada.

They have VPN servers in three locations in Canada including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. This will help you stay protected both at home and when using Wi-Fi with as little speed loss as possible.

If you’re a British expat then their 5 UK locations will let you watch services such as BBC iPlayer and more. You’ll also be able to access the National Lottery and gambling sites if you so wish.

There are servers in 60 other countries so regardless of where you’re from you’ll be able to use services from home.

Software is available for Windows and Mac with apps for Android and Apple devices allowing you to use the service on any device. There is also a dedicated Amazon app which works great with the Fire TV, Firestick and also Kodi.

Best VPN for Expats in Canada

ExpressVPN website Jan 17

2. ExpressVPN

Best VPN for guarantee

VPN Countries : 94 | VPN Cities : 145 | Simultaneous Connections : 3

Price : $8.32 p/m (≈ £6.56)

Huge 30-day money back guarantee

Largest VPN server selection

A bit more pricey

ExpressVPN is one of the biggest VPN providers in terms of server locations.

VPN servers are available in 94 countries including Canada. Canadian locations include Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

If you’re a British expat then the 5 UK server locations will help you access any geo-blocked UK website or TV service.

Software is available for both PC and Mac and ExpressVPN is one of the only providers to offer a Linux client. There are also apps for Android and iOS devices too.

Our favourite feature is their generous 30-day money back guarantee that lets you test the service risk free.

Overplay Website Nov 16

3. Overplay

Best VPN for beginners

VPN Countries : 50 | VPN Servers : 650 | Simultaneous Connections : 3

Price : $8.33 p/m (≈ £6.57)

 Included SmartDNS

 Fast speeds

 More expensive

Overplay are also a good choice as an expat in Canada.

There are 12 VPN servers in Canada alone in Toronto and Vancouver. For home and mobile safety, these will give you the best speeds.

British expats hoping to access TV services and other blocked websites have 3 different server locations in the UK which will cover this need.

We especially liked the free SmartDNS service that came with the VPN which allows you to stream blocked content from almost any country without any speed loss which reduces the chances of buffering.

Overplay recently released really easy to use mobile apps for Android and iOS devices which are great if you’re a beginner.

VyprVPN Website

4. VyprVPN

Best VPN for trial

VPN Countries : 70 | VPN Servers : 700+ | Simultaneous Connections : 3 – 5

Price : $6.67 p/m  (≈ £5.34)

Free trial

Easy to use

Copyright notices

VyprVPN makes a good choice for Canada and our favourite feature is the completely free 3-day trial.

You do need to enter payment details which is the only catch but as long as you cancel before the 3 days expire you won’t be charged. Of course, if you want to keep the service you don’t need to do anything.

We found VyprVPN to be really easy to use and they’ve got some of the most user-friendly software and apps we’ve seen for Windows, Mac, Android and Apple devices.

Servers are available in Canada, UK, USA and 67 other countries across the world which makes them great for expats.

They’re not so good if you use Torrents, Popcorn Time or Kodi because they do forward on copyright notices but apart from that, we can’t fault them.

NordVPN Website Jan 17

5. NordVPN

Best for privacy

VPN Countries : 58 | VPN Servers : 744 | Simultaneous Connections : 6

Price : $6.58 p/m  (≈ £5.27)

Nice selection of servers

Low annual price

Speeds a bit hit and miss

NordVPN rounds up our selection of VPNs for Expats in Canada.

Servers are available in Canada for privacy protection and they also have double-hop servers available in Canada too. These encrypt your data twice and pass it through the US as well for an added layer of security.

NordVPN is an extremely popular service and there are positive reviews all over the internet. We found their service to be good although the speeds can be a little hit and miss at times.

If you’re a British expat in Canada then the UK servers work fine with streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and more and with servers in more than 56 countries it’s suitable for expats from other countries too.

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