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If you’re a fan of fantasy sports and are serious about playing DraftKings then you’ll already know that experts agree that a VPN is an essential piece of kit in your winning arsenal.

In this guide, I’ve been exploring the Best VPN for DraftKings to help keep you playing regardless of your location. With so much Virtual Private Network choice and plenty of misinformation, it can be difficult to choose a VPN provider for DraftKings.

Without a doubt my favourite VPN for use with DraftKings right now is ExpressVPN. They’ve got a pretty awesome 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you try them risk-free and they work across multiple devices.

However, check out my Top 5 VPN choices for use with DraftKings.

The Top VPN services for DraftKings

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN apps on multiple types of devices

If you’re looking to access DraftKings with a VPN, then ExpressVPN is where you want to start.

They’ve got more connection points than most other providers and cover a larger range of countries. This means you’ll be able to access your DraftKings account anywhere in the world regardless of where you registered.

They don’t just work well with sports betting, but also with a wide selection of streaming services too. Sports fans like you can use it to bypass any geo-restrictions in place on sporting events from other countries.

You’ll gain access to overseas sports, games, video content, fantasy sports contests, and more.

All you need to do is sign up with your email address, select a package, and log in with your username and password.

They have an app for Android and Apple iOS and there’s software for Windows and Mac OS systems. Whatever type of device you want to play DraftKings on, you’re covered with their app variation.

They even have military-grade encryption to help keep you and other users safe and secure and have a strict no logs privacy policy. ExpressVPN is also registered outside the United States in the British Virgin Islands, which is good for your and other user’s privacy.

If you’re going to need a VPN for a while then I recommend taking ExpressVPN’s yearly package as it comes with 3 months free on top which saves you 49% off the regular price.

Best VPN for Draftkings

30-day money back guarantee

2. IPVanish

IPVanish website

IPVanish makes a good choice for using with DraftKings. One of my favourite features is its huge unlimited connection limit.

If you’re a huge DraftKings user then you’ll be able to play across multiple devices concurrently or allow your housemates and other players to do the same.

They’ve also got Virtual Private Network servers in every location in which DraftKings operates its fantasy sports games, so it doesn’t matter where you registered as you’ll be able to access it from any country by using an IP from that region.

Apps and software are available for all major devices including Android and Apple iOS plus Windows and Mac OS systems. You can unblock and play DraftKings on any kind of device.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN Website Jan 17

NordVPN has got plenty of choices when it comes to server locations. In fact, they’ve more servers than nearly any other VPN provider out there with well over 5,000 (many in the states). This will help you access sites all over the world.

If you want plenty of choices to connect to individual servers that are unlikely to be used by other DraftKing players then NordVPN definitely makes a good option.

They’ve also got servers in more than 62 countries (including most states of the US) across the world so you’ll be able to login to any region your DraftKings account is registered in, choose a server location and off you go.

They offer an app and software that’s available for all major devices and they’re incredibly easy to use.

Nord has great privacy features such as a double VPN (2x IP address change), dedicated IP address, and a kill switch.

NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If it’s not living up to your expectations then simply get a refund.

4. CyberGhost

Cyberghost Website

CyberGhost has expanded in the past few years and now has servers in all areas where DraftKings operate. You’ll have no trouble finding the country your account is registered in and connecting.

CyberGhost works brilliantly with streaming services, so you’ll be able to watch all of the sports games you want. Even the ones outside of the United States.

They also have a dedicated IP for those who want it.

Apps are available for all mobile and tablet devices and regular computer systems running Windows and Mac OS.

5. VyprVPN


VyprVPN is one of the oldest and most trusted VPNs making them an excellent choice for use with DraftKings.

Like other VPNs VyprVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

VyprVPN no longer retains any logs of what you do while connected to their service. While this has never been an issue purely for DraftKings usage, it’s good news if you want to protect your privacy.

How to choose a VPN for DraftKings

Choosing a VPN service for DraftKings can seem like a daunting prospect. There are now well over 500 commercial Virtual Private Network providers out there to choose from.

The 5 above are my top choices for both using with DraftKings and using in general as a VPN service for other purposes. They’re all fast, reliable and easy to use.

Most importantly which should be your main consideration is they have VPN servers in all the regions DraftKings operates. This means you’ll be able to access any Draftkings location you need.

I recommend using a VPN provider that offers a lengthy money-back guarantee. ExpressVPN have a 30-day one giving you a full month to test it with DraftKings. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations then get a refund question-free.

Price should always be a consideration so it’s worth taking advantage of some of the deals such as ExpressVPN’s buy 12-months and get 3 months free. This can save you up to 49% over paying on a monthly basis.

Gamble aware and Region legalities

It’s worth remembering that gambling can be addictive. If you feel like you’re spending too much money or time gambling then consider contacting one of the gambling charities such as Gamcare or Gamstop.

It’s also worth remembering that online gambling is not legal in every location or even in certain regions or states of specific countries. Always remember to abide by local laws. A VPN is not an excuse to break the law, it could land you and other users in a spot of bother.


If you’re a fantasy sports fan looking for a VPN for DraftKings then one of the 5 listed above will serve your daily fantasy sports fix.

I recommend using ExpressVPN because you get that little bit more for your money. Although it isn’t an exact science and any of the 5 above will make a good choice over just choosing randomly from the hundreds available on Google.

I use most of the 5 providers above on a regular basis and I haven’t found any major issues with any of them. I have however had my internet access dogged by slow speed servers and unreliable connections by others.

Choose one of the providers above or click the button below to get my recommended provider ExpressVPN for unrestricted internet access.

You’ll be playing daily fantasy sports with other players until your heart’s content, and when you use a VPN you’ll no longer have to worry about geo-restrictions on sites. This is something all other players will be jealous of.


Ready to get a VPN? Try our recommended VPN service provider

  • Unblock and access DraftKings
  • Easy to set up and use
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What’s your favourite game to bet on using DraftKings? I would love to know so why not let me and others know in the comments section below?

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  1. David

    These do not have Detroit or Michigan servers that I can see. I need a michigan server because draftkings detects if I am not in Michigan.

    • Christopher Seward

      Hi David,

      Have you tried HideMyAss? They have servers in Lansing, Michigan.

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