Best VPN for Binance

Binance is the world’s largest crypto trading platform, but when looking to stay safe while using it, which VPN should you choose?

There’s plenty of choices out there, and it’s challenging to determine which is the ‘best’ VPN.

We’ve cut through the noise to bring you seven of the leading options to help you make a decision once and for all.

Trading crypto-currencies has become a significant trend, and the number of people who are engaging in crypto trading continues to grow.

Digital currencies have always had a great relationship with the VPN industry. Quite a lot of VPN services accept crypto payments for their VPN.

This is not surprising, as both technologies dedicate themselves to security and everyone’s right to privacy and safe internet traffic.

But, to trade on the best crypto exchange, you’ll want the security of a VPN. And today, we will help you choose the best one for the job.

Need a quick answer?

Our top pick ExpressVPN offers the right balance of apps, strong security provisions and ease of use.

Top 7 VPNs for Binance

The best VPN for binance is ExpressVPN as overall they offer that bit more than the rest of the choices.

They are however one of the more expensive options, which by expensive we mean a few dollars (or pounds) at most.

If you have time to do a bit of research, then these seven VPN reviews will cover all your needs for crypto trading and more.

  1. ExpressVPN – Highly recommended
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost VPN
  4. IPVanish
  6. Private Internet Access
  7. Surfshark

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN apps on multiple types of devices

  • Best in class for Binance
  • Strong encryption
  • Modern VPN protocols
  • Apps for every device
  • Audited no log policy
  • Registered off-shore
  • Accepts Crypto payments
  • Paying monthly expensive
  • Owns VPN ‘review’ websites

ExpressVPN is known as one of the best services in the industry and for use with Binance, they’re our recommended choice.

It is based in the British Virgin Islands, and it has a massive network of nospy servers that spans through 94 countries; it keeps no logs, it has dedicated apps for numerous devices and systems, including the most popular ones, as well as other platforms.

It also features DNS leak protection and a kill switch, which will keep you safe in case the VPN connection drops.

The ExpressVPN apps are numerous and easy to use and as the name suggests, connection speeds are up there with the very best.

Not only that, but it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 49% discount on their annual plan and top protection features.

It is undoubtedly among the best VPNs out there, allowing you to access Binance securely and useful for a whole range of other tasks too.

Our #1 Recommended VPN for Binance

30-day money back guarantee

2. NordVPN

NordVPN Deal

  • Registered in Panama
  • Audited no log policy
  • Apps for most devices
  • Strong security features
  • Easy to use
  • Accepts Crypto payments
  • Not the fastest
  • No Paypal option

Next, we have NordVPN – a reliable VPN service with a user-friendly interface and a 30-day money-back guarantee, advanced security and the ability to let you experience full internet freedom.

It offers six simultaneous connections and it is available on more than eight different devices and systems, including browser extensions.

The NordVPN apps are exceptional and packed with extra features too, such as the DNS leak protection. This VPN also keeps you safe from connection drops with an automatic kill switch, which further contributes to your enhanced security.

Further, it offers a VPN server network that includes 5,200 servers, and spans throughout 60 countries, so you can easily unblock Binance with it and gain unrestricted access from other countries.

More servers mean fewer of them will be overcrowded, which makes NordVPN a great choice for protecting your VPN traffic and unblocking Binance securely and staying safe as you trade crypto. They also help NordVPN deliver super-fast connection speeds too.

3. CyberGhost VPN

Cyberghost Website

  • Apps for most devices
  • Over 7000 servers globally
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Cheap 2-year packages
  • 7 concurrent connections
  • Unaudited no log policy
  • Owns VPN ‘review’ sites

Then, there is a CyberGhost VPN, a very competent and confident provider that will certainly provide an excellent VPN experience. It offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, it is available for numerous devices and systems, and it even supports torrenting.

With it, you can protect up to 7 devices at the same time, and you can use this service to access 7,s00 servers in 55+ countries. So wherever you are or whatever device you want to access Binance on, you’ll be covered.

Not to mention excellent encryption, a kill switch, and security protocols which will keep you safe during your online sessions. Connection speeds are extremely good too. Furthermore, CyberGhost’s extended plans come at a significant discount, which will pay off in the long run.

4. IPVanish

IPVanish Deal

  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Apps for most devices
  • Servers worldwide
  • Unaudited no log policy
  • Registered in the US

Next, we have IPVanish, which features a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as unlimited simultaneous connections.

IPVanish has a strict no logs policy; there is an automatic kill switch, and it offers a major VPN server network that lets you access nearly every corner of the globe, with 75+ locations in other countries and thousands of shared IPs.

It uses strong 256-bit AES encryption, offers unlimited VPN server switching, supports torrenting, and offers fast speeds and some of the most popular apps of any VPN. These are available for all the most popular devices too.

For use with Binance it has everything you need and more – remember to test it thoroughly within the first month of signing up.

5. Website Jan 17

  • Created by security professionals
  • Very fast download speeds
  • Strong security
  • Apps for most devices
  • Fewer server locations
  • 7-day money back guarantee offers VPN servers in over 20 countries around the world, with enough dedicated IP addresses to hide your real IP address.

Professionals have built it, and it is rapidly expanding while keeping meager prices. It features a strict no-logs policy, it provides apps for all the most popular devices and systems, and it lets you protect up to 6 devices at once.

Its security is also among the best in the industry, with no speed limits, and additional features, like the kill switch, that will help you stay anonymous and private. is fast, reliable, and more than capable of letting you unblock Binance.

Remember to check out their VPN server locations before signing up as they do offer fewer locations than many other providers and a short 7-day money back guarantee.

6. Private Internet Access

PrivateInternetAccess Website

  • More servers than most
  • Time proven service
  • Tested no log claims
  • Easy to use apps
  • Owns VPN ‘review’ sites
  • Registered in the US

Private Internet Access is another VPN provider that takes your online security very seriously.

They have recently added the WireGuard protocol to their extensive list of protocol options and ‘military-grade’ encryption (256-bit AES encryption) comes as standard for all users.

Data Authentication is handled by SHA1 or SHA256. Handshaking options include RSA-2048, 3072 or 4096, which is as good as it gets. But, just in case, this one also has a kill switch ready to kick in if needed.

PIA also has a dependable no user logs guarantee, although it is based in the US which some users will not be comfortable with.

Connection speeds are good which is needed for crypto trading but there are faster VPNs out there.

You can also enjoy up to ten simultaneous connections with every account which means you can use it with the Binance trading platform on all your devices. The PIA apps are numerous and user-friendly too.

Prices are competitive and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee available too. PIA is another VPN well worth considering.

7. Surfshark

Surfshark Website screengrab

  • Great range of apps
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Decent download speeds
  • Unaudited no log policy
  • Newer unproven provider

Surfshark has made significant waves since its arrival and is another provider worth considering for Binance users.

As other mentioned Binance VPNs, it has a sizeable server network, dependable speeds, and a great range of apps. There are also unlimited simultaneous connections permitted which means you can use as many different devices with this service as you like. There is a huge range of excellent apps available too.

When it comes to security, Surfshark ticks a lot of boxes too. It has a great range of protocols available including OpenVPN, WireGuard, and Shadowsocks.

256-bit AES encryption is standard and handshaking uses a SHA512 authentication hash and 2048-bit RSA key which is good. It also has additional features, like double VPN, that allow you to be extra safe on unsecured networks and protect your private data.

There is also split tunneling feature that lets you choose which data should go through the encrypted tunnel. By sending only sensitive data, like financial data, you can browse Binance in peace while the rest of your traffic is not slowing you down.

There is a good no user logs policy that keeps your personal data from being collected and sold, but no independent verification yet and we also found that Surfshark collects rather more connection data than we would like too.

But with a 30-day money-back guarantee and some of the lowest prices around, this is another VPN worth thinking about for use with the Binance trading platform.

How to choose a VPN for Binance?

Binance is the largest, the most popular, and arguably the best exchange in the crypto-currency industry.

Choosing the correct VPN for Binance is, therefore crucial, as it will allow you to access the exchange and use its crypto trading service safely. In other words, you need to make sure to end up with the best possible VPN.

Now, since there are hundreds of services, it is difficult to choose a good one. Below are some of the features you should consider.

  • Plenty of server locations – The quality of your VPN is often dictated by your internet connection. To ensure a reliable internet connection, you’ll want to use nearby VPN connection points. Having access to servers in or near your country will improve the quality of your usage.
  • No log policy – Most virtual private network services claim to store no details of what you do or when you connect, but this often isn’t as clear as it seems. Choose a VPN carefully that won’t keep records of your usage.
  • Apps for your devices – When trading crypto you won’t want to spend hours setting up a VPN service. Pick one that offers apps for the types of devices you’re likely to unblock Binance on.
  • Money back guarantee – What works well for one doesn’t always work well for another. Although there are some top-quality VPNs out there, you may find they’re not suitable for you. Having an extended money-back guarantee of 30 days ensures you’ve got plenty of time to test it for your needs.

What’s the best VPN for Binance?

Answering which VPNs are the best Binance VPNs is not exactly easy, as each of them comes with their strengths and weaknesses.

Then, there is also you, as the user, and your preferences, needs, and alike. Even your location matters, as there are now many Binance-restricted countries that cannot access the crypto market through this exchange.

In other words, the decision falls upon you, but we can point you in the right direction.

If you’re still struggling to tell the services apart, choose your main preferences from the list below.

If you are looking for the best overall protection, you’ll want ExpressVPN, which stands out from the rest thanks to its excellent security features.

If you are looking for the best VPN to protect a large number of devices – you want Surfshark or IPVanish, which protects up to 10 of them at the same time. You can protect each piece of tech you own with it, and you won’t have to worry about different accounts and VPNs.

If you are new in the VPN world, and you are worried about learning how to use a VPN, you can use NordVPN. It is very user-friendly and excellent for beginners. It is also great to teach your family about VPNs.

If you want a completely risk-free experience, use CyberGhost VPN as it offers a massive 45-day money back guarantee giving you plenty of time to test it with Binance.

Finally, we have the techie’s As mentioned earlier, professionals created it, and for professionals, so you can expect a high-quality VPN with no fluff. But, it is just as safe, fast and excellent as the others on this list.

How we made our selection

So, you have read our recommendations, but you might be wondering how we have come to these conclusions?

Choosing the best VPNs for Binance is not a straightforward process and there are a number of key factors and features we have looked for.

1. Strong encryption

Encryption is key to securing your transactions and keeping your cryptocurrency secure, so this has been our number one focus.

VPN encrypts traffic, that much is well-known, but not any encryption will do. We have set a benchmark of what is often called ‘military-grade’ encryption as the minimum expected, so we only consider VPNs that have it to be the best VPNs for the Binance platform.

This is considered both military grade and unbreakable and is therefore more than sufficient for users of Binance. It can keep your data safe in case of cyber attacks, which matters, since the largest cryptocurrency trading platform already experienced a major one over two years ago.

We have also looked at the protocols that VPNs offer. OpenVPN is the industry standard which offers strong security while still maintaining decent speeds and usability.

The new WireGuard protocol as taken things even further. It is more secure and much faster which means it is great for Binance.

ExpressVPN has its own equivalent in the Lightway protocol which is good too. Other protocols are older and less secure for this type of online activity.

2. No logs policy

Privacy is a fundamental too and that means looking for a dependable no user logs policy. This means that your VPN keeps no record of what you are doing online.

All the best VPNs for Binance blocks offer this but some are much better than others. Independent verification is a good way of checking the veracity of a no user logs guarantee and we have noted those VPNs that have this.

ExpressVPN's no logging policy

Look for a confirmed ‘no-log’ policy.

We have also looked into the detailed terms and conditions too and flagged instances where a no user logs guarantee is undermined by the harvesting of other data such as connection records which can impact your online privacy too.

3. Apps

We know that people don’t just trade while sat at their desktop so Binance users will want a VPN that can be used on all their devices.

We have therefore taken a look at which VPNs offer devices for the widest range of popular mobile devices as well as desktop ones. These apps need to be lightweight and user-friendly and come with the key features you need to keep your connection secure.

ExpressVPN's app range

ExpressVPN has apps for most devices.

If a VPN doesn’t have decent apps, they have not made it onto our list!

4. Money back guarantee

Sadly, free trials for VPNs are largely a thing of the past but the next best thing is a money-back guarantee. This means that for a set period after you sign up, you can change your mind if you don’t like your provider and get every last penny of your subscription back.

We have looked for VPN providers that offer a minimum of a 30-day money back guarantee which means you have the best part of a month to try our your chosen VPN to make sure it works for you.

Some of our recommended providers offer a longer money-back guarantee which is even better. But even thirty days gives you the safety net of knowing that if you want to change your mind you can do so.

Is there a free VPN for Binance?

Free VPNs are an option, yes. However, they are a terrible option, and not having to pay for them is not worth the trouble in the long run.

We typically advise against free VPNs even if you only plan to do them for none-critical things like streaming movies. However, even that is questionable, as most streaming services have VPN blocks targeting VPNs with poor tech.

They tend to offer lousy security, or even log some or all of your data to sell it to advertisers to fund the service. As such, they are the worst possible choice when you are working with money, even if that money comes in the form of crypto.

Free VPNs are also overcrowded, which makes VPN usage painfully slow and unreliable.

For dealing with crypto-currency, it’s not as risk I would want to take, so it makes it impossible for me to recommend it for your usage either.

Will a VPN let me use Binance in the United States?

So there’s a lot of talk about Binance getting geo-restricted in the United States with plans for a localised-regulated service in the future.

The initial reaction from many commentators was to ‘get a VPN’.

However, this is unlikely to be a viable solution, especially if you’re a serious crypto-currency trader.

As crypto has picked up in magnitude, most governments are looking to regulate, at least to the point of stopping money laundering. Know Your Client or KYC in most countries requires any service that deals with financials to be sure they know who their customers are.

This can be in the form of identification through government-issued documents or other methods. Only spoofing your internet location wouldn’t help disguise your real-world location.

So while a VPN could bypass any Binance geo-restrictions, it’s unlikely to be the holy grail of solutions in the long term. There’s also the risk that you could end up frozen out of your Binance account for attempting to bypass geographical blocks.

While there will be those that go to great lengths to creating physical addresses in other countries or even open bank accounts, those options aren’t accessible to most of us.

It’s also worth remembering that it could be illegal to access such services that have been blocked, so consider your local laws.

In Summary

If you wish to trade on Binance, you’ll want to stay secure and ensure you can gain access to it. For this reason you’ll be hunting for the best VPN for Binance crypto.

The exchange does try to include as many countries and regions as possible, but you may find depending on the network you’re connected to, it is hard to access.

If you one of them, you will require a VPN to access the service.

Choosing a reliable VPN for crypto is difficult because there are so many options. After some extensive testing, we recommend ExpressVPN as the best VPN for Binance, but the other six choices listed in this guide are worth checking out if you want to do some research.


Get the best VPN for Binance! Try our recommended VPN service.

  • Trade securely
  • Access from any location
  • Easy to set up

Author: Ali Raza

Ali is a journalist with a keen interest in VPN usage. He is an expert in the field and has been covering VPN related topics for VPNCompare and numerous well-respected publications for many years.

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