Best Logless VPN 2018: Top 5 Choices

Best Logless VPN 2018

Finding the Best Logless VPN is like the trying to find the holy grail of VPN services. However the reality is, most VPN services retain some details about you or your usage.

It’s incredibly difficult to weed through thousands of VPN services taking note of each of their logging policies before signing up. We understand you just don’t have time to do that.

So rather than you spend days on end searching for a “logless” VPN service, or at the very least a service that has minimal logs that you actually agree with, we’ve done it for you.

All you need to do is select one of the five below which we’ve concluded are the Top 5 Best Logless VPN services in 2018.

Best Logless VPN 2018

ExpressVPN website Jan 17

1. ExpressVPN

Best Logless VPN 2018

 Log claims tested
Massive range of server locations
 Uses some virtual servers

ExpressVPN is a provider who offers a clear Privacy Policy on their logging habits.

The good news is they store no logs on what you do while connected to the service so you’re free to visit any websites, download and more without fear there will be a record of your usage.

By their own admission they do store minimal connection logs which includes the Apps and App versions you have used, the days you make connection to their service but not times, what VPN server you connect to, your country and ISP and the total amount of data transferred.

This may sound like a provider that logs but it’s unlikely that through the data they state they do retain that they would be able to link you to your usage.

In ExpressVPN’s favour, a case which possibly couldn’t be bigger involving the assassination of a Russian diplomat in Turkey found ExpressVPN caught up in it but due to their no-logging policy they were unable to assist with the investigation.

Best Logless VPN 2018

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Best for privacy facilities

Token based access
Registered off-shore
Intimidating for beginners is one of the best VPN for features so if you like options when it comes to your encryption and connection standards they should be right up your street.

They claim to store absolutely no-logs of what you do or when you connected and more importantly they also say they run most services from ram which means when the system is shut down any traces of usage are erased.

The service is registered off-shore in the Seychelles which for all intents and purposes puts them outside the group of spying countries known as five-eyes. There’s also a warrant canary which has been tested and a transparency report.

They also launched one of the most in-depth leak-testing websites Leaktest.Online which includes DNS Leak Test, Torrent Leak Test, WebRTC Leak Test, GPS Leak Test, Email Leak Test and IPv6 Leak Test.

If all that wasn’t enough then you can even buy or turn your account into token based access which means they store no details about your account either. are certainly a provider striving high for security and privacy.

PrivateInternetAccess Website Feb 17

3. PrivateInternetAccess

Best VPN for price

Tested no-log policy
Low price
Not many VPN locations

Private Internet Access is one of the largest VPN providers in the world with an estimated 1 – 2 million subscribers so it makes sense there will be a few bad guys using the service for unscrupulous purposes.

The service claims they store no logs of both user activity or connection metadata. It’s not every VPN service that can claim to have had these claims tested but PIA is one of few that can.

In 2016 Private Internet Access was caught up in a case investigated by the FBI involving a fake bomb threat. In court documents available to the public it shows that PIA was unable to assist with the investigation because they do not store logs on their users.

VPN apps are available for all major devices and include a Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection and IPv6 Leak Protection adding an extra layer of security. They also offer some of the highest levels of encryption in the industry.

Private Internet Access is a United States company which may put some people off but their proven history in recent cases should reassure most. Website Jan 17


Best VPN for speed

Super fast downloads
Honest logging policy
 Fewer locations than others

If you’re looking for a VPN provider that is refreshingly honest then is the service for you.

Most VPN services have flashy marketing and are economical with the truth, however, is completely honest about what they do and don’t log.

The good news is log nothing in regard to what you do while connected to their service. The websites you access, emails you send or people you chat to are not recorded in any way. They do keep some connection logs however. claim to log the time you connected and disconnected, your real home IP address and the amount of data you transferred. This is stored for 24 hours only and they are kept in encrypted form on a separate server in an undisclosed location.

The service might not be as large in terms of server locations as some of the other providers but they are completely honest about what they do and don’t log and you really can’t ask for more than that.

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IPVanish Apps

5. IPVanish

Best VPN for overall quality

 No connection or usage logs
Great download speeds
 Log policy questioned

IPVanish is our Number 1 VPN service for 2018 and they’re now pretty good about their logging policy too.

Like most good VPN providers they claim to store no logs about your activity when connected to their service. Activity includes such things like what websites you visit, who you chat to or what videos you stream.

IPVanish recently had a case where it was found they were logging back in 2016 in aid to catch a paedophile. Since then IPVanish has been acquired by a separate company and since the incident they have assured everyone that they are 100% not logging. If you’re untrusting, you may want to choose one of the earlier providers.

The majority of apps for the service includes options for IPv6 Leak Protection, DNS Leak Protection and a Kill Switch. All three features further allow you to protect your privacy in most cases.

The service offers apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS and Amazon Fire TV devices and there’s a 7-day money back guarantee if the service isn’t suitable for your needs.

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How to choose the best Logless VPN service

Choosing a Logless or No-Log VPN service can be difficult. There are more than 1000 commercial VPN services out there all of varying quality.

Unfortunately for you, they’re all priced approximately the same too and the quality of these services can range from amazing to downright awful.

It’s important to consult up to date guides such as this because information in guides that are out of date could put your privacy at risk, or providers who were recommended in the past may no longer be suitable.

It’s also important to remember that there are so many variables when it comes to VPN services that a service that works well for one user may not work so well for you depending on your location, network, usage, devices and a whole host of other considerations.

For that reason it makes sense to test a service that offers either a money-back guarantee or a free trial which all of the providers recommended above do.

100% logless, no-log, zero log, nada, zip, zilch

If you’re looking for that 100% no-log, completely no record of anything, no account details and more service then sorry to say but it probably doesn’t exist.

Most VPN services do log something, whether it’s by choice or by accident. The way systems work result in some kind of logs somewhere at some point.

More importantly you should be looking for VPN services that don’t log any of your activity such as the recommended providers above and when they do log connection details making sure they log them for the minimal length of time.

As a comparison, VPN service stores minimal connection logs for 24 hours whereas VyprVPN who didn’t make this list store similar details for 30-days. In that instance we know who we would rather use.

VPN services such as ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access have also had their logless claims put to the test and when they can’t assist with criminal investigations then you’re getting pretty much as good as it gets.

VPN provider log claims versus truth

The age old question of is a VPN service being completely honest about what they do or don’t log comes up time and time again.

The honest answer is no one really knows. At best you should hope when you’re paying a VPN service to protect your privacy then that is what they should do.

On the other hand you should also be realistic, if someone was paying you $5 per month would you be prepared to cover their backs against law enforcement, government and other high level organisations?

The best types of logless VPN services are those that are set up in a way where they can’t assist any organisation because they just don’t store the types of details that can link you to your activity.

The best way provider claims are put to the test is when an incident becomes public knowledge. However, you should be most concerned about a VPN service protecting you from hackers, companies who want to vacuum data about you and other such online privacy threats.

If you’re wanting to avoid first world high-level government snooping or you’re a high-profile target for western governments then you’ll probably want to employ more security than simply a few dollar logless VPN service.

Best Logless VPN 2018: Recap

There are some VPN services out there that are 100% better than others. Above we have rounded up the Top 5 choices for VPN services that are considered “Logless” or “No-Log”.

Some of the services listed do store minimal logs but it is our opinion that the types of data most of them retain cannot identify you to your online activity, or they store the information for minimal time periods.

You should remember that you are taking VPN provider claims at face-value and you have very little way of knowing if what they say is true. There have been plenty of cases in the past of VPN providers who claim not to log assisting law-enforcement.

That said, VPN services shouldn’t be used for breaking the law but instead protecting your privacy against many common threats.

All you need to do is pick one of the five above, they may not be perfect but they’re certainly the best logless VPN services around.

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