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The word “cheapest” is always one to be wary of but many people ask me what is the best cheapest VPN service available? It is a difficult question to answer directly, what one person considers cheap, another can consider expensive, this is true for any product or service in the world and again what may be considered cheap in one corner of the world might not be cheap in another corner.

The VPN industry is a global business and most providers welcome customers from all over the world. While we all have different uses and reasons for using a VPN for most people there is always going to be a point where price is a consideration.

It seems like new VPN companies pop up weekly and with so much choice it can be hard to choose a VPN provider that is most suitable for your needs while also being pleasing to your budget.

What to look for in cheap VPN service

The first area to consider is price does not always equal good service. While some providers charge as little as US$4 per month, others can charge up to $20. It is actually a rather large difference but not as clear cut as it may seem. The general consensus will be that two companies are offering a “VPN service” but one charges $14 more per month, wrong! Although the service may be comparable by name what you actually get as part of that package can vary greatly.

A main area of concern is speed, on some of the cheaper services they are stacking them high and selling them cheap meaning less money invested in infrastructure and more users making use of the same amount of resources. Providers who charge more, generally have fewer users per server or better infrastructure to start with which usually results in better speeds, or more consistent better speeds should we say.

A second area to consider is where a provider is located in relation to yourself. Usually companies based in the same country as yourself will be required to charge you some sort of sales tax, in the case of residents in EU countries this could also include VAT. Looking to providers outside of your immediate areas can result in lower prices. For example if you reside in the UK a company in the US like PrivateInternetAccess might not be required to charge you VAT if their EU sales are under a certain value, whereas a UK company would have to add 20% UK VAT on to the price which is basically a cost passed on to yourself.

How to reduce the cost of any VPN service

A final and very vital area of concern is the length of service you are prepared to commit to. Many providers charge a premium price for one month which can be severely reduced if you signed up for a full year. Take for example NordVPN, a month service would set you back $8 per month whereas a full year is priced at $48 equalling a lowly $4 per month so just by simply committing to a longer subscription in this example you have already saved yourself $48.

The above example is true of many providers and even the well recommend VyprVPN which offers one of the most robust services we have tested can be reduced from an eye watering US$14.99 per month right down to a stupidly low US$8.33 p/m for exactly the same premium service. With a saving of such magnitude it is definitely worth considering a longer service length. One area to be wary of is the quality of the provider and being tied down to a poor service that you’re stuck with for a full 12 months. We’ve done plenty of VPN reviews so it is a good place to start for some recommendations and to see if the offerings are suitable to your needs.

Our final selection of 5 of the cheapest VPN services comes down to two who are excellent providers who can be picked up considerably cheaper when taking a full 12 months service and three good providers who are cheap to start with on a monthly basis.

Three Best Cheapest VPN Services (Monthly)

PrivateInternetAccess @ US$6.95 /m

EarthVPN @ US$3.99 /m @ US$5.00 /m

Two Best Cheapest VPN Services (Yearly)

LiquidVPN @ US$4.75 /m

PrivateInternetAccess @ US$3.33 /m

A final way to make some further savings over many different providers including some of those mentioned above is to look out for discount or coupon codes which pop up occasionally at certain times of year such as Christmas holidays or the Black Friday sales in the US, even if you’re not in the United States yourself you can always take advantage of the coupon codes available. We put together a VPN provider coupon guide a few months ago which is kept regularly updated with new discount codes and money off coupons so it is definitely worth checking out which could make the provider you’re after a price you’re willing to pay.

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