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BBC iPlayer Global

BBC iPlayer Global officially closed last Friday on 26th June 2015. If you hadn’t heard of BBC Global before it was a separate version of the popular BBC iPlayer streaming service available to select markets including Western Europe and Australia. Over the previous month customers who subscribed to BBC Global around the world had been having their accounts cancelled with re-subscription not possible.

The service was mainly used by British expats around the world who for a fee could access a selection of BBC content abroad. Now that the service has closed British expats and those away from the UK for periods of time no longer have any official way to access BBC iPlayer.

The closure of BBC iPlayer Global is likely to upset many but luckily even though it is closing there is another simple way to access BBC iPlayer directly, the same one that you would have access to in the UK no matter where you are in the world.

Why can’t I access BBC iPlayer overseas

No doubt you’ve tried to access the UK’s BBC iPlayer directly now that iPlayer Global has closed and you’re met with a message blocking you from access, not only live TV but also catch-up TV. You’ve probably been hit with a message similar to the one below.

BBC Blocked Example 2015

You might wonder how BBC iPlayer knows you’re not in the UK. Well it’s all down to your internet connection, any website can tell which country you’re in just from your internet connection but there is a way to mask your internet connection and appear as if you’re in another country. In essence, virtually reside in another country.

For the purpose of watching BBC iPlayer overseas you’ll want to appear as if you’re in the UK and you can do this with the help of a VPN. A VPN is a small piece of software for your computer that is also available as an app for tablets and phones.

Where can I get a VPN

A VPN allows you to connect to another location, in this case the UK and feed everything you do on the internet via that location. So instead of seeing you’re in Australia or the USA or wherever else iPlayer thinks you’re in the UK and so lets you watch their service.

VPN services are available from hundreds of providers and it’s the job of this website to test, review and weed out the goods ones from the bad and slow ones. To stream video you need great speeds and for the purpose of watching BBC iPlayer overseas we’ve come to the conclusion that VyprVPN is best for the job, follow the link below.

Rank Provider Lowest Price Review Link
1VyprVPN Small Logo$6.67
per month

What do I do next

First you need to sign up to one of the providers suggested above, they’re all suitable although we recommend IPVanish as they’re generally the fastest and provide the best service, however, the other two are also good choices.

Once you’ve signed up decide whether you want to watch on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device. All three VPN providers offer software and apps for all devices so download the one for your required computer or tablet/phone. You can of course alternate between devices, you aren’t restricted to just viewing on one.

When you’ve downloaded the required software or app all you need to do is look through the list of available countries otherwise know as “servers” and find the United Kingdom. Press to connect and wait a few seconds while the software makes connection.

Once connected everything you do on the internet is now routed through the United Kingdom. Simply visit the BBC iPlayer website and you’ll be able to watch any TV show you want. This works for both catch-up and live TV.

There is nothing more to it, you are now free to watch BBC iPlayer anywhere in the world at any time to suit yourself. Once you’ve finished watching just disconnect and your internet connection reverts to normal.

How much does a VPN cost

VPN providers usually charge between US$5 and $10 per month, but bigger savings can be made when taking a yearly package.

Once you’ve got a VPN you don’t have to pay to access BBC iPlayer like you previously would of with iPlayer Global. With BBC iPlayer Global costing around £73 in Europe buying a full year of VPN service from IPVanish costs US$77.99 which is just shy of £50 meaning it is actually cheaper than paying directly for BBC iPlayer Global was.

There are no additional charges and you don’t pay for routing your internet connection via the UK like an old style phone call, once you’ve paid for the VPN service there is no more cost involved.

Enjoy watching iPlayer!

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