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5 most serious VPN scandals of all time

VPN providers have definitely upped their game in recent years but there is still plenty of way to go. I’m taking a look back at the Top 5 most serious VPN scandals that have forced the industry to implement greater security and help shape it. VPN services

NordVPN release Amazon Fire TV Stick app

Hot on the heels of other providers, leading VPN service NordVPN has unleashed their first Amazon Fire TV Stick app. The app which works on both Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices allows users to protect their privacy and unblock region-restricted content directly on their

Best VPN for Steam gaming: Top 5 Choices

In this guide I’ll be rounding up the very best VPN services for use with Steam. If you’re a gamer and a PC gamer in particular then you’ll know how important every ‘ms’ is on your ping. Especially if you’re an FPS gamer or play any game