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What is an IP Address?

No doubt you’ve heard the term “IP Address” before, but unless you’re technologically inclined you probably have no idea what it means or how it actually works. Luckily, the basics of an IP address aren’t too difficult to understand, and by the end of this short article

New bill could threaten Kodi users with prison time

If you’ve been keeping up with Kodi news over the last couple of weeks, then you’ve likely seen an influx of sensationalist and fearmongering articles popping up all over the web. Several “news outlets” ran the story of how the “Digital Economy Bill will threaten Kodi users with jail time.”

What visiting the UK means for your digital privacy

By now, most privacy cautious netizens are at least familiar with UK’s overreaching surveillance law — the Investigatory Powers Bill or “Snoopers’ Charter,” in particular. The legislature arguably strips people of their online privacy and grants authorities easy access to everything from your browsing habits to call logs and text messaging history. While

PrivateInternetAccess VPN for iPhone and macOS review

PrivateInternetAccess, abbreviated PIA, is one of the biggest and most respected VPN service providers in the world. Over the years, PIA has accumulated a very impressive user base with subscriber numbers in the millions. And after taking a look at their service for about a week, I can’t say

Best VPN for Mac OS 2017: Our top 5 picks

MacOS is one of the most popular and secure operating systems in the world. And while it does a great job of protecting you from viruses and other malware, you have to take a few extra steps when it comes to protecting your privacy and anonymity. In this

Best VPN for iPhone 2017: Our Top 5 Picks

According to last year’s report by SimilarWeb, mobile browsing accounts for more than 50% of all consumer traffic in the US. This impressive figure is a testament to the increasing power and overall popularity of smartphones around the world. Apple’s iOS is currently leading the market (at least