Australian VPN provider pulls Netflix support


Australian VPN service uFlix has announced they no longer intend to support access to Netflix.

For years users had been able to use VPN services to mask their online location and trick Netflix into thinking they were somewhere else resulting in access to a wider or different catalogue of movies and TV shows.

At the start of 2016 Netflix began to crack down on services that enabled users to be able to access catalogues from different regions other than their own.

Over the past 9 months a cat and mouse game has ensued between Netflix and VPN providers who have worked tirelessly to enable access to various regions of Netflix.

Netflix no more for uFlix

One such provider is Australian based uFlix who based on their name were set-up with one purpose in mind and that was to allow users to access other Netflix regions. Today the Melbourne based provider announced that they would no longer be supporting access to Netflix signalling an end to the lengthy battled played out between the provider and Netflix.

In a blog post to customers uFlix stated that they had put a great deal of time and money into bypassing the Netflix blocks but conceded that the process was becoming too time consuming and costly to continue.

Their post went on to say that usually they were up and running with 2 hours of any ban put in place by Netflix but they had seen an increase in blocks in recent weeks often within hours of uFlix bypassing original blocks which made it unviable to continue.

Although Netflix is now no longer accessible via the service uFlix added Amazon Instant Video (Prime) to a list of services that includes the likes of BBC iPlayer and others that are currently accessible.


How the latest news by uFlix will affect their revenue stream will be left to be seen but it would seem likely that now the biggest video streaming service is no longer available that many users will cancel and look elsewhere to a provider that does support Netflix.

Other providers such as StrongVPN announced in recent weeks that their service was now working with Netflix. Although not all regions are accessible like the months prior to the Netflix crackdown they do offer full access to the US, UK, Canadian and Netherlands catalogues which are some of the largest and most varied available.

At just AUS$2.75 (Approx £1.59) per month uFlix was an attractive option for Aussie Netflix fans who will now need to look elsewhere to get their entertainment fix. If the uFlix service will continue to operate after the likely exodus of customers will be left to be seen but one thing is certain is that there are hundreds more providers waiting to receive those customers and will gladly take up the challenge of keeping Netflix unblocked.

Christopher Seward

Author: Christopher Seward

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