Anonabox team up with VyprVPN

Anonabox VyprVPN partnership

Anonabox known for their self-titled Tor router and subsequent follow up devices have this week teamed up with one of the leading VPN providers VyprVPN to allow easy VPN access via their portable router devices.

Launching their first portable Tor router back in mid 2015 after some crowd funding controversy the team behind the original device went back to the drawing board with the goal of launching a better device with more features.

In early 2016 this came to fruition with a range of devices launched namely the Anonabox Pro, Tunneler and Fawkes with the mid and top range models including VPN functionality.

The initial release came bundled with easy access to the HideMyAss VPN service with a free one month trial for all customers. The possibility to add other VPN services was available although not technically supported and required some tinkering around under the hood likely unsuitable for the novice.

Today Anonabox announced their partnership with well known and established VPN provider, VyprVPN.

Anonabox VyprVPN

VyprVPN website sporting Anonabox promotional material.

Alan Burwell, Anonabox VP of Operations said of VyprVPN, “They’re the only VPN provider to employ proprietary software on wholly owned hardware, which means privacy and security are protected from end-to-end. And that’s very important.”

This is great news for current and future consumers of the Anonabox range of products as they now allow easy access and set-up to two major VPN providers. VyprVPN on Anonabox allows access to both OpenVPN with 160-bit or 256-bit encryption and more interestingly their proprietary VPN protocol Chameleon.

Chameleon will allow VyprVPN Anonabox users to connect and scramble the OpenVPN packet metadata disguising the fact a VPN connection is in operation. This is excellent for users in countries with repressive internet regimes such as China and Iran who regularly use deep packet inspection (DPI) to weed out VPN connections and should, in theory, allow a more reliable connection in such jurisdictions.

Alongside the increased encryption users of VyprVPN on an Anonabox device will automatically have access to the VyprDNS service that securely resolves web requests and stops the URLs you’re accessing from being leaked or logged by third parties such as your ISP.

Users will require a mid to top range VyprVPN subscription but all current and future Anonabox customers can redeem a free month.

VyprVPN Anonabox interface

VyprVPN on Anonabox set-up has been made novice friendly.

Liz Kintzele, VP of Sales at VyprVPN parent company Golden Frog said, “With the introduction of VyprVPN for Anonabox, we’ll provide even more users with the ability to encrypt their Internet connection and protect their privacy and security online.”

In our recent Anonabox Pro and Tunneler review I was impressed with the devices and stated “I was really impressed how easy it is to get connected” and “Overall the Anonabox Pro and it’s lesser counterpart the Tunneler offer a good way to increase your privacy, especially in a mobile setting”

If you’re interested in checking out one of the Anonabox devices for use with a VyprVPN service or without then follow the link below.

Christopher Seward

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