Anonabox launches Project Blue IndieGoGo Fund

Project Blue

Anonabox the company behind the recently launched portable Tor router bearing the same name have announced their latest IndieGoGo campaign and this time they’re trying to help a computing legend rather than launch a new product.

The company Anonabox came to public conscious back in 2015 after their Anonabox project raised over half a million dollars on crowd funding site KickStarter only to have it pulled days later after issues with their campaign. Relaunched on IndieGoGo the project finally got funded a second time albeit with fewer funds and the product came to fruition.

Project Blue

Project Blue follows on from their latest product range which aims to bring both a VPN and Tor router to market in a similar pocket sized device. One of the criticisms of the original Anonabox was the lack of accountability and to answer this the company brought in telephone phreaking legend John Draper aka Captain Crunch to give it the once over.

Draper is one of the original phone phreakers of the 70’s who discovered that by blowing into a simple free toy whistle that came with the breakfast cereal Captain Crunch he could achieve free phone calls due to the tone the whistle produced.

The IndieGoGo campaign launched by Anonabox explains that through working with Draper they learnt of his increasing healthcare costs and decided to provide assistance to pay them.

Through the special crowd-funding campaign Anonabox hope to raise enough funds to not only help with Draper’s medical expenses but also to fund an autobiography of his life which as Anonabox put themselves will be of interest to all information technology fans and users.

Funders have various options of goodies to help aid the campaign from a limited edition blue edition of Anonabox’s Anonabox Pro device to other paraphernalia such as an autographed thank you letter from Draper himself amongst other items.

Users who aren’t interested in receiving a blue Anonabox Pro can also donate smaller amounts in the region of $20 to solely help the cause or $26 to get a whistle, thumb drive, rechargeable external battery pack and stickers.

If you’re interested in helping the cause and seeing Draper’s book come to fruition then you can do so by using this link.

After just 2 days the raised amount sits at $3228 from just 16 backers so don’t delay if you’re after a specific reward from those available.

Christopher Seward

Author: Christopher Seward

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