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StrongVPN has been confirmed as working with Netflix as of April/May 2017.

At the start of 2016 Netflix began actively blocking VPN services from accessing their service. Until that point thousands of users around the world relied on VPN services to allow them to access other regions of the service and access more content.

With the block Netflix put a stop to this and so effective was the blockade that many users gave up, resigned to the fact they could only access their home region.

As the months past and frustration subsided users came to the realisation that accessing other regions was simply something of the past.

In August of 2016 it was confirmed that one of the leading VPN services StrongVPN was now able to allow access to other regions of Netflix.

Fast forward to May of 2017 and the service is still continuing to work with Netflix.

Regions Available

Confirmed Netflix regions available using StrongVPN are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands.

Having access to US Netflix will be the most important for many users as the US catalogue far outweighs any other in the world and offers more movies and series than any other region.

The UK, Canada and the Netherlands also allow access to content specific to those regions which isn’t available elsewhere so if you’re a fan of British TV or movies or Canadian or Dutch content then using StrongVPN will allow you to access it all.

Netflix with StrongVPN

If you don’t already have a StrongVPN account then all you need to do is sign up to their service using this link.

Once signed up, download their software for the system or device of your choice and simply connect to the country of the region you wish to watch.

For example if you want to watch US content then you can simply connect to one of their US based servers.

The same for the other regions too.

StrongVPN also has a free SmartDNS service that comes with their VPN package which allows the streaming of geo-blocked content without any speed loss.

SmartDNS requires changing a few small settings on your desktop or device to use the StrongVPN DNS servers after which you’ll be able to access the various regions of Netflix.

More Content

The most obvious benefit of StrongVPN working with Netflix in May 2017 is that you’re able to get access to more content with your usual Netflix login info.

The available content on Netflix is ever changing but let’s take 2016 numbers as an example.

In 2016 the US version of Netflix had 5760 movies compared with 2990 in the UK, 2092 in Australia and just 664 in South Korea.

It isn’t just pure numbers either as some content is restricted to just one or two specific regions such as movies like Big Hero 6 which at the same time was only available on the Belgium and Netherlands regions of Netflix.

The great news is the StrongVPN service will allow you to access all of this and as it has been working from August 2016 right up until now in May 2017 it means you can access a whole host of extra content with your standard Netflix subscription.

All you need to do now is visit StrongVPN and sign-up using the link below.

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