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Netflix woes got greater as the leading Indonesian ISP made a move and blocked the service across the country.

Netflix has been in the news a lot lately after first announcing its expansion to over 130 countries worldwide followed by a further announcement stating they would clamp down on users who accessed other regions by using VPN services.

Netflix followed up on the threat and within days some users reported being blocked from accessing other regions via VPN services. VPN companies quickly fought back and issued fixes which for the time being have allowed users to regain access to other regions.

Indonesia leads the way with Netflix block

The problems for Netflix don’t end there as the leading Indonesian ISP has blocked access to Netflix completely due to permit issues and because they claim Netflix allows access to movies and content that is violent and contains other adult related content.

Ironically the only way to access Netflix in Indonesia should you be a user of the ISP who blocked the service is to use a VPN.

The recent Indonesian block goes to show how flawed the Netflix VPN block is because users who wish to access Netflix content in countries that deem the service unlawful or that go against the morals of the country will be left out in the cold unless they use a VPN service from a company like IPVanish to access the service.

Netflix Everywhere

Netflix was available globally until blocks appeared.

Indonesian government sources claim that the block at Telekom Indonesia has not been carried out at their request but was purely a “corporate decision”.

While Telekom Indonesia may not have officially been asked to block the content it is highly likely they have carried out the action as a precaution before the Government do request such blocks and other ISPs will be watching closely and may follow suit should they deem it necessary.

Netflix woes don’t end here

Indonesian Communications Minister Rudiantara said it would be extremely difficult for Netflix to comply with the request due to the huge amount of content available and if so would severely curtail the service for Indonesian users leaving them no other option but to use a VPN to make the service worthwhile – that is, if Netflix themselves weren’t trying to block VPN access in the first place.

Netflix is aware of the issue and with an estimated 250 million inhabitants living across the nation of islands there will be a large portion who have fast enough internet access now left out in the cold as far as Netflix access is concerned.

Aside from the Indonesian block, Netflix has further problems on its hands as both Kenya and Vietnam consider blocks of their own as content has not been approved using local film classification and would be a breach of local laws.

Until Netflix resolves the issues users in Indonesia are advised to use VPN providers such as IPVanish, Overplay and ExpressVPN who are actively working to ensure Netflix is accessible.

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