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LiquidVPN introduces AnyConnect VPN support

LiquidVPN has today announced their support for the AnyConnect VPN protocol. In the world of VPN services OpenVPN reigns supreme closely followed by L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and PPTP in terms of popularity. However Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN protocol which uses SSL offers something a little different to the standard

LiquidVPN Launch Lifetime VPN Service $275

LiquidVPN, a VPN provider known for their innovative modulating-IP protocol have launched a Lifetime VPN service for just US$275. Christmas 2017 just got a little bit crazy with what has to be one of the deals of the century. An entire lifetime of VPN service for just

LiquidVPN speeds up their infrastructure to 10Gbps

LiquidVPN may not be the most well-known VPN provider on the market right now, but they have always been one of the more forward-thinking ones. And that continues to be the case as they are once again investing in their VPN infrastructure. LiquidVPN: a forward-thinking provider Last

LiquidVPN launch new Windows software

LiquidVPN is without a doubt one of my favourite VPN providers and for very good reasons. Unlike some other VPN companies LiquidVPN concentrates on doing what they do and doing it well, rather than expand at a rate of knots. This doesn’t mean they’ve rested on their

LiquidVPN say Hej! as they add a Swedish VPN server

The Swedish often greet each other simply by saying Hej! in both formal and informal settings which loosely translates to Hi. LiquidVPN has been saying Hej to Sweden as they announce their expansion into Sweden with the introduction of a Stockholm based VPN server. Sweden is an excellent choice