Google’s Project Fi offers VPN to aide user privacy

Google is one of the many tech companies to have courted controversy with their approach to online privacy over the years. But perhaps now they have seen the error of their ways after it was announced that Project Fi, Google’s virtual mobile network, would be introducing a

VPNs help Ugandan’s avoid social media tax

Uganda’s controversial social media tax is failing to hit its financial targets and one of the main reasons is the spike in use of VPNs across the country. Regular readers will recall that we reported earlier this year on plans from the Ugandan government to tax social media

How to watch Playing for Keeps in the UK

Playing for Keeps is the brand new Aussie drama centred around a fictional AFL team. AFL is to Australia what the Premier League is to the UK. If you don’t know too much about Aussie sports then the AFL or Australia Football League is hugely popular down

Best VPN for accessing Porn sites

Pornographic material and Adult sites are awash on the internet, within a click or two anyone at any time can access adult material online and with something for every taste there are millions of websites dedicated to each and every niche market. So what is the best