7 Good reasons you should make IPVanish your VPN provider

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPNChoosing a VPN provider is difficult, I know this. With hundreds of options, it’s easy to be left confused. In this guide I’m going to show 7 good reasons why you should be making IPVanish your VPN provider.

There is no ‘one‘ best VPN service that stands out above the rest. However, there is a core of select VPN providers that shine above the rest and one of those is IPVanish.

You’re probably wondering what IPVanish has done to deserve their place in that core of top VPN service. Below are just 7 reasons why and if you’re in the market for a new VPN service then these 7 reasons are why you should choose IPVanish over another VPN provider.

7 reasons to choose IPVanish

In no particular order, here are 7 of my personal reasons why IPVanish outperforms the competition and 7 good reasons you should be letting them protect your privacy.

1. Six years of experience

IPVanish is one of the longest running VPN services and while six years of experience may not sound like a lot on its own, for the VPN industry it is almost a lifetime.

Many VPN providers have popped up in just the last 3 years making IPVanish basically the grandfather of VPN services. With such experience they’ve seen many changes, they’ve implemented many changes and they’ve been at the forefront of pushing many of those changes.

If you want a VPN service that hasn’t just set up shop overnight not really knowing what they’re doing then the VPN lifetime of experience that IPVanish has garnered will serve you well.

2. No logs of your activity

This one is big. When you use a VPN service you need to ensure that they’re not storing records of what you’re doing online.

Almost all VPN providers claim to store no logs and there certainly has to be an element of trust from your side. However, in the 6 years IPVanish has been operating there have been no reports of them handing over logs they claim not to have to the authorities.

With the size of the service it would be almost impossible for it not to have been caught up in at least one or two law enforcement cases by now and as yet there are zero reports of any user being arrested for doing something while connected to IPVanish.

Compare that with other large providers such as PureVPN, HideMyAss and EarthVPN who became loathed by the security community for handing over details which in PureVPN’s case they claimed they didn’t have.

Others such as ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access also found themselves tangled in legal cases, although it has to be noted that these did stick to their word and couldn’t hand over details.

At the time of writing, IPVanish has not found themselves in any such position so for now, it would be safe to assume they’re true to their word.

Owned by the large corporation StackPath, it’s pretty much a given that they’ll want to retain this reputation and unlike some other services you can see the company and people behind the ownership.

3. Apps for more devices than most

Apps, apps, apps, they’re important. If you’re a bit of a dab hand with technology then you won’t need apps to simplify connection to the VPN service but if you just want to protect your privacy or access some blocked content then you’ll want the process to be as easy as possible.

IPVanish has apps for more devices than most other providers. While they definitely offer the standard mobile apps for both phones and tablets running Android and iOS and the usual apps for Windows and Mac computers, they offer one further app.

An app for Amazon devices such as the Fire TV and Firestick and this alone will be worth its weight in gold if you’re a content streamer or cord cutter.

The Amazon app makes it painless to access blocked content on your device and if you’ve got Kodi installed then you’ll be able to unlock a world of content. All while protecting your privacy I might add.

4. Use one service many times

Not only does IPVanish have many apps but you’re able to use these apps many times, at the same time.

The service allows you to use it on up to 5 devices at the same time. This will allow you to protect every device in your arsenal from your computer to your laptop and your tablet to your phone. All with just one subscription I might add.

You can even share it with your entire household so your family can stay protected together.

5. No traffic restrictions

No, I’m not talking about your car type of traffic here, I’m talking about the types of things you do on the internet. IPVanish doesn’t differentiate between them.

Everything from chatting with friends, browsing websites, watching movies to downloading is treated the same. This means you can make use of services like Torrents, P2P and stream movies from the likes of Netflix in high quality without any slowdowns.

Often you’ll find your ISP will reduce your speeds if you download heavily from torrent sites or binge too much Netflix. With the IPVanish service you’ll find none of that, not only allowing you to use the internet freely but in the process beating any pesky ISP speed restrictions too.

6. Pretty damn good speeds

When using a VPN service, speed is critical. If speeds are too slow then it’ll affect your day-to-day usage which in turn will lead to you turning the VPN off.

IPVanish while not the fastest provider I’ve tested is one of the fastest overall. They’ve got a network of more than 1000 worldwide VPN servers so it makes sense that not all are going to be the fastest ever, constantly.

What IPVanish does do well is offer fast speeds consistently. Through years of testing I’ve come to the conclusion that in comparison to other providers they do things just that little bit better than most other services.

Sure, I’ve hit a bum server now and again where speeds have been less than pleasing, but in most cases there are a handful of alternative servers in the same location or nearby and with the flick of a switch it’s easy to hop onto a better performing server.

7. 7 day money back guarantee

If all that wasn’t enough already there’s a 7-day money back guarantee available.

A week is plenty of time to test any VPN service across multiple devices to see how it performs. It’s important to see how it performs for your usage. While IPVanish has definitely been one of the best services I’ve used and there are countless good reviews across the internet, the only person whose opinion is important, is yours.

Granted, there are VPN services who offer longer money back guarantees, up to 30 days in fact and while more is usually better, 7 days is more than enough time to push IPVanish to breaking point to see if it’s for you.

Most importantly of all, IPVanish honour their money back guarantee. I’d rather have a 7-day money back guarantee that gives me my money back than a 30-day money back guarantee that tries to wiggle out of it at every turn.

What do you think?

These are my 7 reasons for using IPVanish but what do you think?

I’d love to hear your comments if you have any other good reasons for using IPVanish. Or perhaps you have good reasons for using another provider. Don’t keep them to yourself, share them in the comments section and let us all know!

Author: Christopher Seward

Having used the internet since 1994, Christopher launched one of the very first VPN comparison websites in 2013. An expert in the field his reviews, testing and knowledge have helped thousands of users get the correct VPN for their needs.

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