5 Critical Features To Look For In A VPN Service

There are a lot of criteria checks that go into selecting a secure and user friendly VPN service. Things like pricing, server locations, connection protocols, and bundled features are some of the important factors that come to mind. Knowing what to look for and thorough research of available selections are your greatest assets in finding the VPN service that is best suited for you.

The focus of this article is to outline some of the most important features of an ideal VPN. At the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of what features you’re looking for in a VPN, and why they’re important enough to be mentioned. Read on to secure your privacy, and to take the first step to higher internet safety.

Custom Software

Easy setup and platform compatibility will be one of the first considerations to check off your list when selecting a VPN. You don’t want to spend as much time making the VPN work as actually making use of the service.

Most providers offer special software that allow you to take advantage of instant setup, that way you don’t need to spend time slogging through all the configurations and options. That being said, some providers do not offer instant set up, so it’s important to look into it prior to installation.

Providers with good custom software :

IPVanish Windows VPN

Custom Windows software from IPVanish

Server Selection

An important factor for a healthy VPN experience is being able to control the location of your server. Having this power allows you to pick proximity vs international, or whatever might sit in between. Let’s say you’re somewhere in Europe and you’d like to get access to Hulu – a movie and TV show library available only in the United States. If this is the case, all you have to do is make sure that your VPN provider has a server in the United States, and you can get access effortlessly.

On the flip side, maybe you just want a server that’s as close as possible – for a faster, more stable connection. Whatever the case, verify your VPN service’s server selection options, and ensure they fit your needs.

DNS Leaks

Another prominent reason why many people chose to make use of VPN is to control and prevent DNS leaks, which are a major privacy concern. DNS leaks are a security vulnerability that can cause your true IP address to leak out into the open. While you might not know it is happening, DNS leaks aren’t unheard of, and they’ll compromise the visibility of your online activity.

This is where VPN’s come in. Picking a VPN service that automatically safeguards you against any chance of DNS leaks is very important. Not only does this simplify the process on the user end, but VPN’s also ensure that you no longer need to rely on your ISP, or a third party for DNS services.

Torrent Access

VPNs are a great way to completely anonymize your access to torrents, and protect your privacy. In this day and age, it gets progressively harder and harder to stay hidden from prying eyes, especially while torrenting. It’s not very difficult for third parties to monitor torrent traffic and extract personal information like your name and address. On top of that, many ISPs monitor torrent traffic to throttle the connections to unbearable speeds, even if you just download occasionally.

These reasons alone are convincing enough in the fact that tunnelling your torrent connection is necessary. By using VPNs in your torrenting, you’re taking a big step to towards ensuring your privacy and keeping your download speeds high.

Providers who allow torrent access :

Bitcoin Payment Option

It’s strongly encouraged that anybody and everybody should go to all lengths to keep their identity safe and secure in such a world as ours, and the simple process of paying for your VPN is no different. BitCoin, a nifty and increasingly more popular cryptocurrency, allows you to make payments for products and services using a highly secure and generally anonymous method. Since BitCoin has no exact ties to your real world information you can even secure the act of buying your VPN – for anonymity’s sake.

When selecting a VPN provider, it’s worth looking for someone who accepts BitCoin. By doing so, you’re ensuring that your identity remains private. Paying for a VPN service using BitCoin is pretty much anonymously buying anonymity.

Providers that accept Bitcoin :

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