How to watch the X Factor 2015 abroad

Love it or hate it the X Factor is back. Although TV talent shows are seeing somewhat of a decline in viewing figures, X Factor often bucks the trend and sees a loyal following tuning in year after year. If you’re one of those loyal fans or

How to watch Fox Now in the UK

Fox Now is the US equivalent of BBC iPlayer. In a nutshell it allows those in the US to catch up with Fox TV programmes and view them online. Like many online streaming services it’s restricted to the country of the TV channel and so if you try to

Top 5 VPNs for Ghana

Ghana, a country on the west coast of Africa and one that using a VPN is becoming increasingly important for online privacy and censorship circumvention. While Ghana itself does not overly censor internet usage it is known that journalists do practise self-censorship and the government have been

How to access UK gambling sites abroad

The UK has a massive gambling and betting industry. The high street has always had a bookmaker from individual businesses many years ago to huge chain bookies that exist today. Online gambling has also become huge and the UK is at the forefront with it being much

How to Install OpenVPN on Windows 10

Often when using VPN services many of us like to take the quickest and easiest route. Luckily most VPN providers offer custom software that removes any of the hassles of set-up and allows us to get connected with minimal fuss. OpenVPN is by far the most popular and

Overplay 15% off coupon valid August 2015 – January 2016

It’s the summer season of discounts. Overplay the number 1 provider of SmartDNS solutions today announced they are offering 15% off all packages from August 2015 right through until January 2016. The Overplay coupon has been launched because of the English Premiership Football season starting but you don’t have

The Top 5 UK TV Streaming Sites

If you’re old enough to remember the days when the UK only had 4 terrestrial TV channels then you’ll be old enough to have witnessed the massive change in how we consume media and if you’re old enough to remember only 3 channels then you’re even older

Bunitu botnet proves well establish VPN providers safest option

The term botnet is commonplace and often associated with criminal networks that use such systems to attack websites, banks and other institutes for financial gain. This week a new previously unrecognised botnet threat was discovered by security researchers from Malwarebytes and one that should serve as a stark warning to