Iran begins domestic internet roll-out

On Sunday, Iran’s communications and information technology minister, Mahmoud Vaezi, attended the inauguration ceremony for the launch of something that could make the start of a sinister new phase in global online development. He was present as Iran launched its “national internet”. Those of you who thought

Australian VPN provider pulls Netflix support

Australian VPN service uFlix has announced they no longer intend to support access to Netflix. For years users had been able to use VPN services to mask their online location and trick Netflix into thinking they were somewhere else resulting in access to a wider or different

Pro Poker Player banned from Pokerstars for VPN use

VPNs have been in the news again this week; although on this occasion it’s in a more unexpected medium; the world of online Poker. Because one of the world’s more prominent and controversial professional poker players, Sorel Mizzi, has been banned from a well-known online poker site

Singapore Government consulting on VPN ban

The Singaporean Government has released a consultation paper this week, and one of the questions it is considering is whether they should ban VPN technology. The paper has been released by the Law Ministry and Intellectual Property office of Singapore (IPOS) and the consultation period will last

Review of bulk powers criticized for not telling the whole story

Last week, David Anderson, Queen’s Counsel, published a nearly 200-page review of the highly controversial bulk powers included in the Investigatory Powers Bill announced earlier this year. In his report, Anderson writes that there are no alternatives to the bulk surveillance powers proposed in the legislature, virtually

India threatens torrenters with 3 years in jail

In India, the Government’s ongoing campaign against torrent portals and other sites which are deemed to infringe on copyright has been stepped up. Torrenters in India have discovered in recent days that their favourite torrent sites have been blocked. This in itself is nothing particularly new. Copyright