Protect privacy Snooper’s Charter committee says

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill this week came under fire for not doing enough to protect user privacy. The Investigatory Powers Bill or Snooper’s Charter as it has previously been known has attracted a lot of criticism from privacy campaigners and those involved in freedom of speech circles. As

Best VPN for New Zealand

In this article I’m going to look at the best VPN for New Zealand and some of the reasons why VPN use in New Zealand is critical. Firstly if privacy is your concern then using a VPN is important in New Zealand. NZ is one of the

Paypal blocks VPN services but not quite

Late last week leading online payment processor Paypal blocked the payment account of SmartDNS and VPN service Unotelly. Unotelly is a service known to target users who wish to circumvent geo-restrictions and access content that would be otherwise unavailable in their country. Incorrect VPN wide blocking claims While

How to watch Bundesliga in UK for free

In this article I’m going to show you how to watch Bundesliga in the UK and elsewhere for free. The Bundesliga is the premium German football league and both quality teams and players make up the Bundesliga. If you’re in the UK or other countries it’s often

China introduces its own Snooper’s Charter

Last November marked a sad day for UK citizens, as the Data Investigatory Powers Bill was announced by Home Secretary Theresa May. Nicknamed the Snoopers’ Charter, the new bill set out to require Internet service providers and mobile communication companies to maintain records of each user’s activity,