French surveillance laws ruled unconstitutional

The terrorist attacks on the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo shook the world, but the knee-jerk reaction of the French government to them was less scrutinised. Until now, as the French Constitutional Council, the highest court in the land, has ruled the sweeping surveillance powers

Best VPN for Twitch

Twitch has become huge in recent years with thousands of users tuning in to watch their favourite game casters stream live. A VPN has become almost essential for Twitch regardless of if you’re a viewer or a caster. In this article I’m looking at the best VPN services

Google privacy change makes ad data identifiable

Back in June, Google made a small but significant change to its privacy policy; a change which has only just been spotted, but which has a big impact on user privacy. Google has a reasonably decent reputation on user data privacy; at least for an organisation that

Amnesty report highlights instant messaging privacy failings

Amnesty International has released their new Message Privacy Ranking, and for some of the biggest names in Instant Messaging, it does not make for great reading. The ranking assesses 11 of the most popular instant messaging services on their use of encryption, which encodes messages and so keeps

VyprVPN unveil massive server expansion

VyprVPN in one large swoop has thrown themselves into the category of one of the biggest VPN providers in terms of server locations available. Today they unveiled none less than 15 new server locations worldwide which will come as good news for current subscribers and give potential customers something to consider

Value privacy? Don’t type and Skype.

The headline of this post may seem alarmist, but according to researchers at the University of California, Irvine and in Italy, privacy conscious Skype users might have a reason to be concerned. On September 29, a team of computer scientists published their findings on a unique security breach