How To Bypass EE Traffic Management

Traffic Management or “Network Management” as broadband provider EE like to call it gives me the chills. Just hearing that phrase makes me shudder to the core. For someone who has used the internet since the mid 90’s I have watched it change and evolve over the

How To Watch TVB In The UK

Accessing Cantonese TV in the United Kingdom and elsewhere can be a difficult task. While some expensive pay TV services like Sky do have one or two channels available that doesn’t help if you only have Freeview and regardless their selection is obviously limited to a select channel

The 5 Best VPNs for use in France

In this article I’m going to look at the 5 Best VPNs for use in France. In today’s world the need to secure your internet connection and access content that is restricted has grown ever greater. Many western societies including France have begun to implement restrictions on

AirVPN Ukranian servers lost after UrDN heist

In an odd set of events privacy-centric VPN provider AirVPN has lost access to their Ukrainian VPN servers. At the end of October the data centre used by AirVPN to host their VPN servers was raided by the Ukranian security services in an apparent scam to extract money

Chinese mobile users persecuted for VPN use

Chinese VPN use is again in the news this week after New York Times‘ Paul Mozur reported that Chinese users of mobile VPN services have been finding their whole mobile service has been cut off. Some residence in the North-West region of Xinjiang, China have found their entire

Black Friday VPN Ultimate Deals Guide 2015

It’s that time of year again, Black Friday! The US sales holiday that is spreading around the world. Luckily regardless of where you’re from it’s possible to take advantage of Black Friday VPN deals so if you’re in the market for a new VPN service now is

TorGuard Review November 2015

I last looked at the TorGuard service back at the start of 2014. As things move quickly in the VPN industry and companies expand to include extra features it was about time I cast my eye over them again to see how or if they’ve progressed. I previously

AVG jumps into the VPN router market via Indiegogo

Anti-virus firm AVG who recently swallowed up large VPN provider HideMyAss are getting in on the fast-moving VPN router market with the release of an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign aimed at bringing their very own VPN router to market. VPN routers have been around for a while and are

Kiwi users to face VPN dilemma

In what may be a world first users in New Zealand face an impending dilemma surrounding their VPN use. VPN use in New Zealand like its neighbouring Australia is huge and mainly due to the fact many Kiwis love to access extra content from services such as