Chinese hotel Waldorf Astoria blocks VPN access

China is back in the news for VPN restrictions this week as the hotel Waldorf Astoria removes VPN access as part of their service. China has given VPN services something of a rough time in recent years doing everything in their power to restrict their access. Up

Serious concerns raised about EU Copyright reform

The European Union is currently reviewing EU Copyright Law under the pretence of modernising them for the digital age. On the face of it that might not sound like such a bad idea, but sadly the reality is raising much greater concerns. When their first proposal was

Best VPN for Expats in Hong Kong: Our Top 5 Picks

There are plenty of challenges that come with being an expat, especially in a bustling metropolis such as Hong Kong. Finding a reliable VPN service is just one of many, which is why we have created this Best VPN for Expats in Hong Kong guide to help you find the right VPN For